Term 2: Remote Learning

Dear Families,

We are thinking of you all as we transition into Remote Learning for Week 7. We understand the challenges of Remote Learning and have designed these learning experiences to continue on from the learning that has been happening at school. This may be too much for some, just right for others, and too little for others. It important to remember that we are living through a global pandemic, which comes with emotional highs and lows. Therefore, we ask you to be kind to yourselves and for your child to complete the learning tasks at their own pace. *Take a break when needed!*

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In Year 4, we are inviting students to log onto their daily homegroup Google Meet at 9am. The homegroup nicknames are found in your child’s ‘take home pack’. There will also be another opportunity for your child to work in a small group during the day with their homegroup teacher. A weekly timetable will be distributed through Seesaw as an ‘announcement’.

Top 10 EdTech Tips: Seesaw | Georgia Public Broadcasting

The teachers will explain what each day could look like for the students during the 9am Google Meet. The teachers will have each Google Meet available 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

If you have any questions or concerns related to your child’s learning or wellbeing, please contact your teacher.

Take care and be kind to yourselves,
Louise, Olivia and Gabby😊

School Uniform

Dear Families,

We are asking all families to check that their child has the correct school jumper with their name on it.

We encourage you to discuss with your child the importance of taking care of their belongings including jumpers, beanies, scarves and gloves (especially during the cooler seasons).

Please ensure that your child’s clothing is clearly labelled.

Enjoy your evening,
Year 4 Teachers

CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning

During CLIL this week we had the opportunity to use our Mathematics addition knowledge in Japanese. Students translated and solved the addition equation that was called out.

It is wonderful to see the high level of engagement and focus each week during CLIL. Our Year 4 teachers are enjoying learning alongside our students. Our students are even becoming a Sensei and bravely volunteering to create equations on the spot.

I wonder if you could have a go at solving these:

  1. Ju go (+) ta-su ju ni (=)wa
  2. Ju san ta-su ni ji wa
  3. San ju ta-su hyaki wa
  4. Go ju ta-su ju ni wa

To the special women in our lives…

Dear families,

Thank you to the families who were able to join us as an SMCM Community on Friday afternoon to celebrate the special women in our lives. It is wonderful to see the interaction between families, students and teachers during these ‘Covid Normal’ times.

We wish our mothers, near and far, a very Happy Mother’s Day.
We are thinking of those who celebrate the memory of their mothers today.
We hope that God continues to watch over the special women in our lives today, and in the future.

Australian Native and Wildflower Bouquet - Art Stems on Lygon

Comprehension Strategies: Summarising

Dear families,

Over the past two weeks we have been fortunate to commemorate ANZAC Day and share our family stories with others in our homegroups.

We are continuing to practise the skill of Comprehension.

An expert reader uses a variety of texts.

My Grandad Marches on ANZAC Day

Sharing our family story

There are three stages to practise the strategy of summarising.


  1. Main idea
  2. Fact 1
  3. Fact 2
  4. Fact 3
  5. Wondering

How can I use synonyms to re-write what I have read?

Using the main idea and keywords to write a short, concise passage in your own words.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to share your family story and show respect towards our Australian tradition, ANZAC Day.

What resources can you use to find a synonym?
How you will continue to practise the strategy of summarising?

Inquiry Home Learning Family Task

To kick start our Inquiry topic for Term 2 ‘Ourselves, Our Community, Our Culture‘ we would like the students in Year 4 to explore their own family story. Each student has received the below note asking students to design/create something to share their family story with the Year 4s. We can’t wait to share and learn about eachothers families and stories.

Our Family Story task is due by Friday, Week 2.

Home Learning will resume from Monday, Week 2. More information will be provided about Home Learning in Week 2.

Gabby, Louise, Madeline and Olivia

Welcome Back to Term Two!

Welcome back to Term Two at SMCM! We are so excited to welcome you back tomorrow into our homegroups and can’t wait to hear all about your Easter breaks.

We hope everyone had a safe and restful break and is ready to come back to a term full of learning and fun!

Please see below our Weekly Reminders for Term Two including our new Sports days for the term.

Here are some helpful tips ready for school tomorrow:
– Ensure your uniform is clearly labelled with your first name and surname
– Bring your gumboots in ready for the upcoming wet weather make sure they are clearly labelled
– Art smocks, headphones, and sunscreen should also be clearly labelled with your name and placed into your tubs
– Don’t forget to bring in your labelled lunch and brain food in a small container
– You must remember to wear your labelled SMCM school hat during outside break times until May the 1st

What was your favourite part of the holidays?
What are you most looking forward to about coming back to school?

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow bright and early!
Gabby, Louise, Madeline and Olivia

Inquiry: Materials Needed for Monday

Dear Families,

As a focus for both Religious Education and Inquiry, our Year 4 students have been unpacking the stories from Caritas Australia. These wonderful people in our global community have shown us how we can ‘be more’ by through our actions rather than the materialistic things we possess.

By demonstrating the learner disposition of ‘creativity’, students will be designing and creating a product they believe the Caritas communities need.

We are asking all students to bring cardboard, recycled items, shoe boxes or old material to be brought to school on Monday. We know our students thrive in creative projects and cannot wait to see their final product.

Please be vigilant with any materials that may affect allergies (for example: eggs or nuts).

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**A reminder that all students will be required to wear FULL school uniform
for photos on Monday 29 March**

Enjoy your weekend!

Year 4 Teachers