Cross Country 2020

Hello Year 4s!

An official call for all students interested in CROSS COUNTRY this term.


 Wednesday 2nd Break, 1st Half at The Cubbies

A determined mind, a commitment to weekly training sessions and a pair of runners are all you need!


If you have any questions, please ask Yolanda or Gabby.
Looking forward to seeing you there,



Week 4 Reminders!

The Ichimatsu, Miraitowa and Someity homegroups are enjoying their start to the year together. We’ve settled into our new routines and had fun experiencing many different learning opportunities.

The learning and events continue for our Middles this week so here are some friendly reminders to help you stay up to date:

Monday 17 February: Swimming program begins.
9:45am – Someity Homegroup
10:45am – Ichimatsu and Miraitowa Homegroups
Please remember to bring a towel, underwear and wear your bathers underneath your uniform. All items of clothing must be named.

Tuesday 18 February: Return completed Home Learning Weekly Task: What my family and I would like my homegroup teacher to know about me. A copy of the task can be found under the ‘Home Learning‘ tab of our blog.

Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 February: Learning Conversations.

Friday 21 February: Second swimming session.
9:45am – Someity Homegroup
10:45am – Ichimatsu and Miraitowa Homegroups

We’re looking forward to another great week 🙂
Gabby, Louise, Simone and Sarah

Year 4 Mass

Dear Families,

We warmly invite you to celebrate our Year 4 Mass this Friday 14th February in our Sacred Space at 12pm. All are welcome to attend this community celebration.

It is also the Feast Day of Saint Brothers Cyril and Methodius. Our Year 4s have unpacked their stories and have understood the important role they played in our Church’s history. Screenshot 2020-02-10 at 18.11.59

Louise, Simone, Sarah and Gabby

-What did you learn about the saints?
-What are the reasons for the brothers becoming saints?
-Why are they an important part of our church?
-Suppose that the saints didn’t create the Slavic alphabet, what would have happened?

Feeling Happy in 2020!

Dear Students and Families,

Screenshot 2020-02-09 at 20.59.39

We all know what it feels like to be happy. We may experience happiness through morning prayer, outside break times, reading a favourite book, or sharing a meal with our family.

A very common practise of appreciating our lives and experiencing happiness frequently is through gratitude.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful;
readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Screenshot 2020-02-09 at 21.00.56

In Year 4, we would love for all students (families you are encouraged to join in as well!) to show how grateful they are through a daily journal. We are asking students to bring in a small notebook that will be used as their ‘Gratitude Journal’ by the end of this week.

Screenshot 2020-02-09 at 21.02.09

If you have any questions, please ask your homegroup teacher.

Louise, Simone and Gabby


Welcome Back: Term 1 2020!

Dear Students and Families,

A very warm welcome back to school for 2020. We hope you have all taken the time to rest and recharge over the holiday break.


 As we commence our school year together, here are some helpful reminders:

  • Ensure your uniform is clearly labelled with your first and surname
  • Art smocks, headphones, and sunscreen should also be clearly labelled with your name and placed into your tubs
  • Don’t forget to bring in your lunch and brain food in a small container
  • It is a Sun Smart term, you must remember to wear a labelled SMCM school hat during outside break times.

Looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year together!
Gabby, Louise, Sarah and Simone
Year 4 Teachers

*Tomorrow’s forecast is 40. It is important that you bring your water bottle and keep cool throughout the day.*