Literacy 2018



Procedure Text

In writing we have been learning about the importance of following instructions in procedural texts. Ask someone in your family to follow these instructions and see how they go. Good luck!


Sentence Structure Games

  • Select any of the games from the above page to play.
  • What punctuation do you need to include when writing sentences?
  • What vocabulary and grammar does a great sentence have?


Contraction Games



  • What is a contraction?
  • What are some contractions that you know?
  • Can you use contractions in your writing?

Homophone Games


  • How many different homophones can you find?
  • Can you write a sentence using homophones correctly?

Sunshine Online

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Picture and Sentence Match

Answering Simple Questions

Sequencing Stories

Finish The Story


Reading Strategies

Good readers use lots of different strategies to check:

Does it look right?

Does it sound right?

Does it make sense?_______________________________________________________________________________

Context Clues

Context Clues

  • What skills and strategies did you use to find the missing word?
  • How do text clues help you to infer meaning?


Author’s Purpose

Author's Purpose

  • What are the different purposes for writing a text?
  • What text clues can you use to identify the text type and purpose?


Story Monster

Story Monster

  • What is a noun, verb, adjective and adverb?
  • Why is understanding the role of these parts of speech important in creating sentences?


Literacy Planet – Word Mania

Literacy Planet Word Mania

  • What spelling patterns have you learned?
  • What new words have you learned?
  • How does Word Mania help you with your reading and writing?
  • What do you still find challenging?