Summary Task

Tuesday 31st October 

Create a google doc titled ‘Mega City Summary’ in your reading folder.

Watch the clip and record who, what, where, when, how, why.

Use notes to write a short summary of the text. Remember to refer to parts of the text to support your summary.

STEP 1 LIST the main ideas for each part in the multi modal text.
STEP 2 UNDERLINE the main idea statements that include the most important ideas from the text.
STEP 3 COMBINE any ideas that could go into one sentence.
STEP 4 NUMBER the ideas in logical order.
STEP 5 WRITE your summary in one paragraph.
STEP 6 EDIT your summary.

Screenshot 2017-10-30 at 20.23.49.png


Monday 30th Task: Click on the links about

All Saints Day.

All Saints Day in Australia

  1. Read and Record the most important ideas from the text.


  • What is All Saints Day?
  • Who celebrates it?
  • Why is it celebrated?
  • When is it celebrated?
  • Other important information.


2. Record your ideas in a google doc in your reading folder titled All Saints Day.

3. Using your  ideas write a short summary using the ideas that you have recorded.