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Go to Rhyming Dictionary to help you select some rhyming words for your poems.

Use this online thesaurus to find synonyms and interesting vocabulary!

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Life on the Goldfields

This term we are learning about the Gold Rush in Australia. We will explore what life on the goldfields, beginning with our camp next week at Sovereign Hill.

To help you think about this, analyse each of the images in the Google Form.

What do you see, think and wonder?

What puzzles you?

What would you like to explore further?

The Journey of Hong Hai

What do you know about refugees?

Spelling Games for ou and ow

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Context Clues

Screenshot 2019-03-24 at 15.16.22

Read the sentence and then click on the missing word. Use clues from the sentence to help you work out what word is missing.

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Clarifying Words

Use this online dictionary to clarify any unfamiliar words in your text.

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Your Task:

  1. In your Learning Journal write the unfamiliar word.
  2. Type this word into the online dictionary to find its meaning.
  3. Write the definition of this word in your Learning Journal.
  4. Write this word in a sentence using your own words.
  5. Write 3 synonyms (similar words) for this word.