Inquiry: Materials Needed for Monday

Dear Families,

As a focus for both Religious Education and Inquiry, our Year 4 students have been unpacking the stories from Caritas Australia. These wonderful people in our global community have shown us how we can ‘be more’ by through our actions rather than the materialistic things we possess.

By demonstrating the learner disposition of ‘creativity’, students will be designing and creating a product they believe the Caritas communities need.

We are asking all students to bring cardboard, recycled items, shoe boxes or old material to be brought to school on Monday. We know our students thrive in creative projects and cannot wait to see their final product.

Please be vigilant with any materials that may affect allergies (for example: eggs or nuts).

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**A reminder that all students will be required to wear FULL school uniform
for photos on Monday 29 March**

Enjoy your weekend!

Year 4 Teachers

Year 4 Mass Celebration

Dear Families,

Last Friday, we had the privilege of Father Nathan joining us to explain the Beatitudes. We learnt that the Beatitudes teach us about how lucky we are and that Jesus wants us to BE MORE not get more.

This week during Literacy we unpacked the Scripture of how Jesus was accused of ‘blasphemy’ by the Jews. We learnt that many people did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God, even though there were many witnesses to Jesus’ miracles.

Today, together with Father Anh, the Year 4 students celebrated their year level Mass for 2021. We recognised the importance of being together in our faith community. We also spread the message of ‘Be More’ and continue to demonstrate this through our Lenten actions.

How have you shown what it looks like to BE MORE during Lent?
Do you agree with how Jesus was treated by the Jews? Why/Why not?

Looking forward to our final week of Term 1 together,

Madeline, Olivia, Louise and Gabby

SMART Spelling

This week we started our amazing new SMART Spelling programme. We have explored the ‘ai’ digraph in words like ‘snail’, ‘complain’ or ‘remain’. To help us practice the spelling of our words we have completed many different activities including using the SMART Spelling grid and stickers to break the words into sounds, and putting the words into meaningful sentences. We are very excited to continue this program and build our spelling knowledge.

What is a digraph?
What was your favourite way to practice your spelling words?

Skittles Science Experiment

This week we explored cause and effect through conducting an experiment using skittles. We followed the Scientific method to help us record our hypothesis, observations and reflect upon why the colours spread. We noticed that the food colouring and sugar coating on the skittles spread rapidly and dissolved from the heat.

  • Would the experiment have changed if we used cold water? Why?
    What other foods would have the same effect?
  • What would you do differently next time?

Enter the Caritas Ks competition on Friday

This week’s Caritas Friday fundraiser links to Arsad’s story. Arsad is from Indonesia and with no toilet in their house, his family had to use the forest instead. With the help of Caritas, Arsad was able to participate in hygiene and sanitation training and he worked with the community to build working toilets for homes. 

This week we stand in solidarity with those who often have to walk for basic food, services and supplies with our Caritas Ks competition. Get your pedometers ready for Friday and get walking. Follow the steps below to enter!

Please note: You can bring a donation and walk even if you don’t have a pedometer!


This term, we have been exploring the process of Bookmaking in Year 4 and have all become authors! We have been looking at different books and naming and noticing the features that make us want to read them. We have then used these techniques to create our very own books. Within the 3 homegroups, we have a vast variety of books such as comics, fairytales, information texts and thrillers!

Using mentor texts, we have been exploring features such as onomatopoeia, font size and direction, adjectives and the use of color and size. Students have then been invited to use these techniques and features in their own texts. As such, we have created texts that not only have our fantastic words in them, but also have illustrations, blurbs and lots of creativity included inspired by other authors we have explored.

What has been your favourite part of Bookmaking?
What type of text have you been writing in your Bookmaking time?
Which author has inspired you the most?

Come dressed as your future self on Friday

SMCM, you are superstars! We have now raised $1131 for Caritas!

This week our Caritas Friday connects to Oliva’s story. Oliva is from the Solomon Islands and she was unable to read, write or count. Caritas Australia helped to give her a future by enrolling her in Literacy and Numeracy classes.

Help Caritas support others like Oliva by dressing up as your future self and donating a gold coin on Friday!

Safety Week at Swimming!

We have loved watching everyone growing in their swimming skills in each of our weekly sessions! It’s great seeing people make and achieve the goals they are setting for themselves.

Next week is Safety Week at swimming on Friday 5th of March!
Please bring an extra t-shirt and a pair of shorts to wear during our safety session!
Reminder please make sure that your bag is waterproof as we will have extra wet clothing for this session!

Image result for swimming clipart

What goals have you set yourself during our swimming sessions?
How are you going to reach your goals?
What have you enjoyed most about swimming this year so far?