Headphones & Gumboots Reminders

Just some reminders:

In our learning we have been using our Chromebooks for different learning areas. We have been reading and viewing texts online as well as accessing our blog and interactive resources, for example Matific. All students are required to have labelled headphones.

black corded headset

As we have now entered the season of Winter and as we know this type of weather brings about muddy areas around our school grounds. It is essential that all students have labelled gumboots for outside play.

Play the ukulele daily!

Mint, Basil, Parsley, Garlic and Ginger Learning Community

Good evening Garlic and Ginger,

As you know, we are learning to play the ukulele in Performing Arts.

We have many eager dreamers who would love to become leaders. Yes it rhymes 🙂 Many of you have asked me to put up information about where to buy a good quality ukulele, if you practise you’ll be playing songs before you know it!

Check out the links below if you’re interested in buying your own ukulele. This is also what we use in class. Here are my recommendations:

Colour ukulele: browse for your colour choice


Ukulele Tuner:


Ukulele Strap: browse for your colour choice


Good luck with your search and ask me any questions when you see me.

By. From Jess

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Year 4 Community Walk!

On Friday, May 25, the Foundation and Year 4 students will be going on an adventure to Epping North Conservation Reserve. We will be leaving from school at 12:15pm and returning by 1:50pm. Parent helpers are required as we will be walking to and from the Wetlands. If you are able to assist in this mini excursion can you please let your child’s homegroup teacher know. Students will need to have gumboots and an all weather jacket for this experience. Permission for community walks was given with enrolment. For the safety and engagement of our students toddlers are unable to attend.

Screenshot 2018-05-24 at 08.33.04

Sacrament Reflection Day

Today our Middles travelled to Templestowe for a Sacrament reflection Day. The day provided many opportunities for the students to make connections about the presence of God in the Sacraments and all around us.

Students made their own prayer cloth, choosing their own symbols that reflected where they experience God in their own lives.

Our Reconciliation and Eucharist  teams also experienced their Sacrament in action. Our Year Three students shared some great discussion about what happens when we make right or wrong choices and explored the symbolism of the cross. As our Year Four group made bread, they considered that when two things are connected, a change is made! Just as we do when we celebrate the Eucharist, we shared the bread as a community!

What connections did you make today?

Where did you see God at our reflection day?

Week 3 Year 4 Japanese-Maths (CLIL)

Highlighting Week 3, students in Year 4 further explored Maths in Japanese through shopping role-play. They used Japanese money, Yen, during the session, calculated how much spent on purchased items (set-up items such as sushi toys) when they were customers and how much money made when they were shopkeepers.

It was great to see the students were engaged in using their Maths skills, collaborating with their peers, counting the large numbers (100, 1000) in Japanese! Some were very customer-friendly, offering discounts!

They also started using more words in Japanese, such as;
– しつもん (shi-tsu-mo-n)
– わかりません (wa-ka-ri-ma-se-n)
– もう いちど  (mo-u i-chi-do)
I wonder who can tell us what these words mean?

Sacraments Of Initiation

During our connectors session on Monday some of the students wondered what initiation means. Today during our connectors session we discussed what intitation means and what it represents in regards to the sacraments. After our discussion the Year Four’s explored the three sacraments of initiation; Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. Each student had a booklet to reflect on the 12 stations which were set up to display the various symbols associated with each of the sacraments. We then reflected on those symols and what the students had noticed at the stations.

What are some of the symbols that we saw today?

What are some of the symbols that link across the sacraments, and how do they link?

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In week four, all of middle school will visit Arts Centre Melbourne and NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) to experience a day of celebrating the ARTS, specifically Performing Arts and Visual Arts. Jess and Kristie your teachers are super excited, are you?


The performance is called ‘CREATURE’.

Why not read the book and as a bonus, watch the animation film of ‘Dot & the Kangaroo’. The performance we are watching is based on this amazing book. Ask your parents, they may know the famous story.

HERE IS THE BOOK LINK  http://setis.library.usyd.edu.au/ozlit/pdf/p00048.pdf