Buy a Bee and be more for others this week!

This week is our final week of fundraising for Caritas Project Compassion. Students are invited to bring in a gold coin at any stage this week and buy a bee cutout, which can be decorated or they may choose to write their name on a pre-made bee (from their teacher)! They can then pin their bee to the wall located near the library galleria space. The aim is to have a swarm of Caritas bees on display by the end of the week!

How are you being more to others?

How many bees might we have on our wall by the end of the week?

Mary MacKillop Timeline

LI: I can explain how Mary MacKillop has contributed to the Catholic Church in Australia

SC: We will be successful if we can

  • Research how Mary MacKillop contributed to the Catholic Church
  • Record key dates and events in my learning journal
  • Created a interactive timeline of Mary MacKillop’s life

Your Task: To celebrate Mary MacKillop’s feast day on Thursday 8th August  view the below video ‘The Story of Mary MacKillop.’ Take notes in your learning journal of key events and dates that you could add to an interactive timeline.

Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 21.16.08


Interactive Timeline

Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 21.26.30