Martial Arts Therapy!

We kicked off the Term 4 with Martial Arts Therapy (MAT) Program with Irena. Today we learnt about MAT’s philosophy which is to BE STRONG, BE CALM, BE KIND and TRY HARD.  We looked at our breathing and focus techniques.

  • What part of MAT Program did you like most?
  • What position are you going to practise this week?
  • What did you find challenging?
  • How did you feel joining in the MAT Program today?

Exploring Our Melbourne Museum!

What a day of exploring everywhere and engaging in all the possibilities the exhibition’s at the Melbourne Museum offered us today!!

Here are some of the fantastic highlights:

Head over to our SMCM Twitter page to check out our day in real time and hear from some of the students as they reflected on their connections and thinking!

Also, remember that as part of your ‘Writing’ Home Learning Task this week, you have been asked to further explore the Melbourne Museum Exhibition Website to look closely at the exhibitions that you saw today! Read and explore the links provided and create a short information text about what you have learned about that topic in your Home Learning Book.

We wonder what you got from today…

  • What did you see?

  • What did you hear?

  • What did it make you think?

  • What are you wondering?

  • What might you take further as your personal inquiry investigation?

True Culture Incursion

Today we were lucky enough to have Ian, Mitch and Ezekiel share lots about the Indigenous culture and guide us through ‘True Culture‘.

We took so much from this experience…

Michael – I learnt that breathing is the key to making different sounds when playing the didgeridoo.

Dean – I realised that the traditional Indigenous dance moves come from movements that animals make.

Kade – Learning about the didgeridoo extended my thinking because I didn’t know that they can be different shapes and make different sounds.

Julia – My thinking was extended when I learnt that termites make the hollow inside the branches used to make didgeridoos and that the branches chosen to make didgeridoos are chosen by knocking on them and listening for the sound that told them it was hollow.

  • What did you connect with? What did you learn?
  • What extended your thinking?
  • What challenged you?

Digital Technology Policy Investigating!!

This week at SMCM, we have been investigating our Digital Technology Policy. We have been learning about the different parts of this policy, unpacked the key words and words we were not sure about. We also discussed what the purpose of this policy is and what are expectations when we are using Digital Technology to help us with our learning.

We will all receive our own Digital Technology Policy that we are going to share with our family tonight. A reminder that once we have read and talked out what it is telling us, we need to tick the boxes and sign to say we understand and agree to comply to it. We need to bring the whole policy (signed and dated) back to school by Friday the 31st of March.

  • Did you learn anything knew about the way we use Digital Technology?
  • Why is it important that we understand our policy?
  • Are there any questions about our policy?
  • Are there any words that you needed to clarify?

Our Changing Earth Expo!

Please join us for our ‘Changing Earth’ celebration of learning!

We have been learning lots about our amazing planet called Earth and would love to share what we have learnt with you! We have been busy preparing our creations as part of our ‘going further’ stage in our inquiry process.

When: Thursday the 30th of March

Time: 3:00pm

Where: MacKillop Views

We Hope to see you there!!