Camp Narmbool Reflection

We had such an experience over the last couple of days while at Camp Narmbool!

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  • What did you enjoy? Why?
  • What did you learn?
  • What will you share with your family?
  • Did you make new friends? Did you learn something new about them?
  • Did you find out anything about yourself that you didn’t know before?
  • What was your favourite part about camp?

Scientific Exploring

This term we have begun our scientific exploring by following procedures to conduct experiments. We have been discussing the need to follow a procedure, why a scientist would do a particular experiment, the importance of reflecting on the outcome and possible factors that may change the results, like the weather, and enjoying having fun with our learning!


Reflecting over your investigations so far, we wonder…

  • What methods and procedures need to be followed to conduct scientific investigations?
  • What did you enjoy and why?
  • Were your hypothesis accurate? Why/Why not?
  • How and why do materials and matter change?
  • What did you learn from conducting experiments?
  • What would you like to test further?
  • How do scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions affect people’s lives?