Learning is Fun in Middle School

It has been a fabulous week in Middle school, with the celebration of our patron saint, Mary MacKillop. Tuesday kicked off with test of our knowledge about Mary MacKillop with a Kahoot activity. Throughout the day, we also took part in fun activities, a sausage sizzle and our annual Mary Mac Talent Show.

Yesterday, students applied their understandings of Location and Number as part of our Middles Amazing Race! Even the wind couldn’t stop us from learning! We finished off the day as programmers and robots in our first coding session.

What has been your most memorable moment this week?

What connections did you make with your learning?

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Preparing for our Museum Excursion

We are very excited about tomorrow’s Year 3/4 Excursion to the Melbourne Museum! The excursion is intended to given us some ideas about what we might like to research in our Inquiry Personal Investigation time.

In our home groups this week, we have prepared for our visit by researching the current exhibitions and selecting two gallery spaces that each of us would like to visit.

I wonder what we will see at the Museum tomorrow?

See you tomorrow at 8.20am, ready for an 8.45am departure!

Creating and Making in Expert Groups

Today our expert groups moved into the ‘Create, Make and Problem Solve’ phase of the Design Process. We followed our design brief to present our knowledge about landscapers, builders/architects, furniture designers and interiors designers. We look forward to sharing this learning with everyone next Wednesday, June 28th.

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What did I need to do first?

What did I do if I got stuck?

Who helped me?

Did I need to adapt my ideas, materials or tools?



Furniture Designer visits SMCM

Our Furniture Designers were lucky enough to have a visit from a design professional this week. Aditya from ‘Norva Nival’ shared his knowledge about the process used to design innovative furniture in learning spaces.

We reflected on what we learnt from Adi’s visit:

  • Lucas T: I learnt that a structureless piece of furniture has no hard frame in it.
  • Phoenix: What blew my mind was that when they say they make ‘three bit’ of furniture, they actually mean three thousand.
  • Elle and Rafael: I learnt that they have to make up to 50 prototypes when testing their furniture.
  • Summer and Walter: I will remember that when we design furniture, we need to measure the space.
  • Marco: I learnt that an innovative piece of furniture (like the structureless ottoman – as below) can been used in four different ways.
  • Madison: When we choose furniture, we need to think about what activities we will use it for (its purpose)

The furniture designers are very excited about viewing some furniture that we may use in our new learning space, using Norva Nivel’s catalogue as a resource.

Pineapple Crumble


On Wednesday morning, we made pineapple crumble.

It was a special dessert and was very easy to make. Bern showed us how to make it. We didn’t need to use the oven.

First, we put two cookies in a small bowl.

Next, we put one tablespoon of crushed pineapple on top of the cookies.

Then we poured thickened cream on top of the pineapple. We crushed some of the cookies and then we sprinkled some on top of the cream.

Then we enjoyed our pineapple crumble with a hot chocolate.  It was yummy. We ate the apple crumble with happiness.

By Amelia D,  Xavier P & Ethan T

Measurement for Design

Many changes are taking place on the site of our new building and it is creating many opportunities for our Inquiry expert groups to talk about the design and building process.

Four Middle students attended a site meeting on Tuesday, representing each of our design expert groups (Furniture Design, Building and Architecture, Landscaping and Interior Design). Zylis and Yenuli reflected on their experience:

Guess what!? We explored more about the new building and got to go into the construction site! We went to see what the builders were doing.

There is a little problem with the construction because there’s a giant rock. Geraldine told Staash, Lynelle, Yenuli and Zylis that there once was a volcano right here. That’s what made the giant rock. To be honest, it was a lot of fun. We asked a lot of questions.

A lot of exciting things that are going to happen in the school future are stuck in our heads because it’s too exciting get out!!

We had a conversation with the architect, Rachel, and the builder, Johnny! We talked about all the different materials and durability we will have for the building!

As you have seen, the garden near the rock bed is fenced off, but don’t worry, it will be built back up again.

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We are also making some great links with Measurement in Inquiry Mathematics sessions. We are learning to measure length and width using formal units (like centimetres and metres), as well as focusing on the perimeter of our learning space.

What have you learnt about Measurement in Inquiry Expert groups?


Dhianna and KeshiyaAzaria, Sadie and NivedaIMG_1741.JPG