We continue to use our Chromebooks to help us in our learning. We are reading and viewing texts online as well as accessing our blog and interactive resources, for example Matific.

All students are required to bring labelled headphones to use, to help them with their learning.

black corded headset

Harmony Day

This week communities around Australia are celebrating Harmony Day.

Australia is one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world and Harmony Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate this and work to maintain it.

Watch the clip below to find out more about Harmony Day and use the questions to have a discussion with your family at home.
Don’t forget to write a reflection in the comments below 🙂

What is diversity?

What is Harmony Day?

When is Harmony Day celebrated?

Who celebrates Harmony Day?

Why do we wear orange?

Word challenge: How many words with three letters or more can you make from the letters in the words ‘Celebrate Australia’s Diversity’?

As part of our Harmony Day celebrations here at SMCM, you are invited to wear a touch of orange or cultural dress with your full school uniform on Thursday 21 March, 2019.

Families are invited to join us for a family picnic on Thursday evening: 5.30 – 7.30pm on the Sports Oval.

There will also be a special performance by the SMCM choir and our Foundation and Junior students.

Together we are powerful.

Our Waste Footprint

As we continue to learn about our marine ecosystem, we are exploring how the health of our oceans and waterways is affected by human activity and use of resources.

Did you know that our households use 66,000 tonnes of plastic every year?!  A shocking fact that we learnt by viewing sections of War on Waste.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 6.24.06 pm.png

We are now investigating the waste we are generating at school. We are conducting our own waste audit in each building, by emptying the contents of the rubbish bins; tallying the amount of recyclable objects (eg. drink bottles/cups), food scraps, paper and cardboard, stationary and plastic; then graphing the results.

  • What were the results of your waste audit?
  • What did you find most surprising, interesting or shocking?
  • How can we help to reduce the amount of waste, particularly plastic waste, at school?

Let’s Swim!

A friendly reminder that we start swimming lessons tomorrow – Thursday February, 7th.

Swimming Reminders

Friendly Reminders:

  • Wear your swimming bathers underneath your sport uniform or bring them to change at 1st break
  • Use a small waterproof bag to keep your belongings safe
  • Children with long hair must tie their hair back or wear a swimming cap
  • Bring thongs to change into and wear at the leisure centre to keep our socks and shoes dry
  • Bring clean underwear to change into after swimming
  • Label all clothing and items with your child’s name

We are excited to practise our super swimming skills over the coming weeks!

Why is it important to learn to swim?

How can you follow the FARM code at the pool?


Welcome Penguins, Seals and Turtles to Year Four!

We have have made a fantastic start to the school year and have been getting to know our home groups for 2019.

We have been demonstrating our understanding of the FARM code – in morning gatherings, transitions,  library,  learning time, outside play, inside play and at eating time.

We are looking forward to sharing our learning adventures on this blog. We will keep you updated about our learning experiences, provide reminders and important information.

You will find  weekly and termly reminders in our Whats On section.

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Literacy and Numeracy Week

It was an exciting start to Literacy and Numeracy Week today with our SMCM Book launch. All home groups have worked extremly hard to create at least one picture book that contains a Mathematical concept. We were involved in every aspect of the writing process – from planning, drafting and editing to publishing and now sharing our works of art!

Now it’s time to read and evaluate. This week, parents and families are invited to read all books displayed in the Galleria. Please leave a sticky note comment for the authors!

What book are you interested in reading?

What Mathematical concept does this book contain?

Displaying Literacy and Numeracy Week - 2018.jpg


Rug Up and Read tomorrow

Don’t forget to pack your favourite books, blanket and teddy bear tomorrow morning. We encourage parents, families and friends to come and read with us! Visit the learning space of the youngest sibling and read as a family!

Maths Information Night with Rob Vingerhoets

An engaging and extremely valuable session with Rob, who will provide ways to support your child’s learning in Mathematics. Babysitting will be provided at school.

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