A Message from The Sustainable Club…

The Sustainable Club has been created by some of the Year 3 students and everyone is welcome to join! We meet every Monday and Friday at 2nd Break to look after our environment and spread the message about being responsible with our waste.

What things do you do to help look after our environment?

Is there anything you would like us to focus on in The Sustainable Club?

How Can We Reduce Waste At Our School?

We are working towards achieving our third Resourcesmart Star for reducing Waste at our school. We performed a Waste Audit in order to learn about how much waste we produce at our school.

We found that our main waste stream is food wrappers and banana peels.

Out of six binwe emptied, there 170 food wrappers and 58 banana peels!

What can you do to reduce waste at our school?

What happens to this waste that we put in our bins?

Share your ideas here and let’s work together to be Sustainable!

Are you a Nude Food Warrior?

At SMCM, we are a Nude Food School. Nude Food means that we bring our Brainfood, Lunch and Snack in reusable containers rather than using cling wrap, plastic bags or foils. We want to reduce the amount of waste that we produce at our school so that we can help to keep our Earth healthy.

You can find out more about Nude Food on the Nude Food Website!

Do you have any hints or tips that you can share about Nude Food?