Welcome back to everyone!

As we begin Term 4, we are reminded:

  • We are required to wear full Summer uniform
  • We are a SunSmart school so all students are required to be safe in the sun. This includes wearing hats outside and applying sunscreen
  • In our learning we will be reading and viewing texts online. All students are required to have headphones
  • We will be participating in the Martial Arts Therapy program on Mondays throughout Term 4. Students will be required to wear sports uniforms on Mondays
  • Camp Narmbool is fast approaching. We require parent helpers to attend. If you are available to attend Camp with your child, please contact your child’s teacherHeadphonesHatsunscreen

Literacy and Numeracy Week

MacKillop Views celebrated Literacy and Numeracy Week last week with a variety of activities throughout the week. It was fantastic to see the support and engagement from parents and families who were able to come in and participate in the activities with the children.

Rug Up and Read


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  • What is your favourite book to read? Why?

Count and Solve

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  • What is your favourite maths game to play? Why?



Mary MacKillop


  • Wear casual clothes and runners and bring gold coin for MM Foundation
  • Feast Day Mass at 10:30am – parents and families most welcome!
  • Sausage Sizzle Lunch provided
  • Mary MacK Talent Show- by kids for kids!


RETURN All about Mary Challenge! tomorrow

  • Write 5 things you know about our Mary MacKillop
  • Colour in or draw a picture

Lots of prizes to win!



  • Home learning can be accessed from the blog under Home Learning / Term 3 2017
  • Home learning is distributed on Tuesdays and collected the following Monday
  • Home learning is expected to be completed weekly
  • If you do not return your book on Monday, then you are expected to bring it the following day
  • If you have any trouble accessing home learning or have questions about the tasks to be completed, see your teacher as soon as possible




We are using our Chromebooks as a learning tool to view multimodal texts which incorporate sound, images and written text. To be able to hear the texts and to be respectful to others, all students are required to use headphones.

  • If you haven’t done so already, please bring in headphones for you to use
  • Don’t forget to clearly label headphones with your name




We’ve all been using extra tissues on these cold and chilly days and our stocks are beginning to run low. Please bring in a box of tissues for your home group to share.

Friendly Reminders


Online Learning Logs

To support our reporting of learning & teaching each student has an individual Online Learning Log (OLLs). The OLLs provide families and students with regular work samples and teacher feedback.

  • To access your child’s SMCM Online Learning Log you will need to use the Gmail account you have provided the school.
  • Your child’s personal OLL address is their name, followed by smcm and their graduating year then eg.

If you are experiencing difficulties in accessing your child’s OLL, please see their teacher.

Winter is Coming!

With the blast of cold and wet weather in recent days, Mother Nature is reminding us that Winter is fast approaching! The air is more chilly and the grounds are becoming more wet and muddy.

At SMCM, students need to prepare themselves accordingly. Here are some reminders so that we can make the most of our inside and outside time at school.

  • Wear your full winter uniform from Monday 1st May
  • Bring in gumboots to wear for outside play.
    • Remember to label the inside of both gumboots with your name and class images
  • Bring in a box of tissues to share



At times, students will be required to listen to audio for their learning. Headphones ensure that you are able to hear the audio while respecting the learning of others in the learning space.

  • Bring in headphones to be used with Chromebooks
    • Remember to label the headphones with your name and class 129109-L-LO


Looking forward to hearing about your weekend on Monday!


Chromebook Launch

The Middle School was a buzz of excitement this afternoon as the Chromebooks were launched in MacKillop Views. After practising transitions and logging in safely and responsibly, we began to learn how to create an avatar to keep our identity confidential.

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What is the purpose of using Chromebooks?

Why is it essential that we follow the digital technology policy?


Spring Into Action!

It was great to see SMCM Spring Into Action in a wash of colour today. Staff and students donned flowers on clothing and in their hair, bringing a donation to raise money for Caritas Australia. We have now raised close to $1000 for disadvantaged people across the globe – thank you for your generous contribution to our Caritas Friday!

How have you been able to spring into action this Lent?