Camp Narmbool Reminders

The Year Threes will be travelling to Camp Narmbool this Thursday!

Leaving from SMCM Thursday 8th November at 8:45am

Returning to SMCM Friday 9th November by 4:00pm

Please be at school by 8:30am to check in any medication with your teacher and to be ready to load our bags on the buses, ensuring we are ready to leave on time.

Camp Narmbool To Bring List

Camp Narmbool Backpack List

Camp Narmbool Do Not Bring

If you have any questions, please see your teacher

Uniform Reminders


And just like that, Term 4 has begun!

Here are a few friendly reminders as we’ve had our first look into sunshine and warmer weather:

  • Take your gumboots home
  • Always wear hats outside – we are SUNSMART
    • School sun hats are the only hats permitted
    • If you do not have a school sun hat, you will be asked to play under cover
  • By the end of next week (Week 2) all students should be in correct summer uniform
    • A mix of summer and winter uniform is not permitted – black tights should not be worn with summer dresses

  • Sports tops should only be worn with sports uniform

  • School shoes should be worn with summer uniform

  • Runners should only be worn with sports uniform

    • A written notification should given to the teacher if correct shoes are not available

  • Students should wear matching hair ties or hair ribbons – school colours are preferred
  • Jewellery such as rings, bracelets, etc is not to be worn. It can be:
    • Dangerous and cause injuries
    • A distraction to those wearing it and others
    • Upsetting if lost or broken

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your teacher.




Book Week Parade

Tomorrow is our Book Week Parade!

If you do not have a costume to wear, we encourage you to design your own by putting an outfit together that relates to a character in a book. If students do not have a book related outfit then please come in your full sport uniform.

Students will be in placed into different buildings by their last name.

The Rise: Family names A-F

The Lane (the newest of our buildings): Family names G-M

The Boulevard: Family names N-Z

The parade will begin at 9:30am!

Hope to see you there!









The Year Threes are currently learning about multimodal texts. We are reading, viewing and listening to texts independently on our Chromebooks. We might be completing these activities while our peers are completing another activity so we need to use our own headphones.

  • If you haven’t got headphones at school, please bring them in as soon as possible
  • Please see your teacher if this is a problem

Creating and Making

Hi everyone!

The Year Threes are very excited about creating and making our models for our Inquiry unit – ‘The Future Is In Our Hands… How Can I Make A Difference!’

To assist with our creating and making session tomorrow, we are asking that you bring in the materials you need to create your model.

We are also asking for donations of the following items to help others:

  • Boxes (shoe boxes, cereal boxes etc)
  • Bottle tops
  • Tubes (paper towel/cling wrap/aluminium foil tubes etc)
  • Fabric scraps
  • Paint swatches (as from Bunnings)
  • Magazines/catalogues


  • If you have any/all of these items, please send them into school tomorrow.

*For hygiene reasons, we will not be able to accept donations of toilet rolls.

Reading is Brain Food

Our brains develop as we fill them with experience and new knowledge. Reading a book helps your brain to make connections with what you already know about a topic and helps you to learn about new topics. Reading provides one of the most enriching and complex brain activities available in life. Through reading we learn to recognise the sounds of words, we learn new words to add to our vocabulary and we connect written words to their real world applications.

Generally, the more time you are exposed to something and the more time you spend practising it, the better you’ll become at performing it. This is absolutely true for reading, and a great reason we take time to read everyday.

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  • What do good readers do?
  • What book are you currently reading?
  • Why should your friends read your book?