Creating and Making

Hi everyone!

The Year Threes are very excited about creating and making our models for our Inquiry unit – ‘The Future Is In Our Hands… How Can I Make A Difference!’

To assist with our creating and making session tomorrow, we are asking that you bring in the materials you need to create your model.

We are also asking for donations of the following items to help others:

  • Boxes (shoe boxes, cereal boxes etc)
  • Bottle tops
  • Tubes (paper towel/cling wrap/aluminium foil tubes etc)
  • Fabric scraps
  • Paint swatches (as from Bunnings)
  • Magazines/catalogues


  • If you have any/all of these items, please send them into school tomorrow.

*For hygiene reasons, we will not be able to accept donations of toilet rolls.

Reading is Brain Food

Our brains develop as we fill them with experience and new knowledge. Reading a book helps your brain to make connections with what you already know about a topic and helps you to learn about new topics. Reading provides one of the most enriching and complex brain activities available in life. Through reading we learn to recognise the sounds of words, we learn new words to add to our vocabulary and we connect written words to their real world applications.

Generally, the more time you are exposed to something and the more time you spend practising it, the better you’ll become at performing it. This is absolutely true for reading, and a great reason we take time to read everyday.

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  • What do good readers do?
  • What book are you currently reading?
  • Why should your friends read your book?


The SMCM Middle School are excited to start swimming lessons tomorrow Friday 9th February.

Swimming Reminders

Friendly Reminders:

  • Wear your swimming bathers underneath your sport uniform
  • Use a small swimming bag to keep your belongings safe
  • Children with long hair must tie their hair back or wear a swimming cap
  • Bring thongs to change into and wear at the leisure centre to keep our socks and shoes dry
  • Bring clean underwear to change into after swimming
  • Label all clothing and items with your child’s name
  • Parent helpers are required to meet at the leisure centre


Why is it important to learn to swim?

How can you Act Safe at the pool?

Excursion Day! Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO)

Excursion day has arrived! Today, the Wattles and Waratahs went into the city to watch the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra perform their show, “Meet the Orchestra” and “Bamboozled” at Hamer Hall. We stopped off for lunch at the National Gallery of Victoria before  being taken on a musical journey. We met the different sections of the orchestra through classical music pieces and theme songs. Then, we used our body percussion and vocal skills by joining in to help create the Bamboozled music, along with the other audience members and with the MSO.

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What were the different sections of the orchestra? Did you have a favourite section?

What instrument would you most like to play? Why?


Indigenous Music and Dance

Watch the clips of the traditional aboriginal dance. As you watch think about the costumes, music and actions.

What did you notice about the costumes and body art the dancers are wearing?

What instruments can you hear?

Can you retell parts of the story told through dance?

How did you feel when you watched the video?

What words would you use to describe the music and dance?

Leave a comment below.

Dreamtime Stories

Dreaming stories pass on important knowledge, cultural values and belief systems to younger generations. These stories are expressed through song, dance, painting and storytelling.  Indigenous Australians have maintained a link with the Dreaming from ancient times to today, creating a rich cultural heritage.

Watch the video below.

What is the message in this story?