Term 3, Week 5: Wednesday 11 August

Hi Year 4’s

Well done for always being on time and organised for your Google Meets. Thank you for sharing your work on Seesaw and tagging the correct folder. We are so grateful for how amazing and resilient you have all been through Remote Learning. Remember to be take breaks doing something you enjoy.

Can you solve this riddle?

20 Easy Riddles For Kids | Kids Riddles | Riddlester
Write your answer in the comment section below

Wednesday’s Learning Slides

Meet | Google Blog

Looking forward to seeing you online today and at your Morning Google Meet at 9am.

Listen to the song below to get your day started!

Have a Wonderful Wednesdayđź‘Ź,
Louise, Olivia and Gabby

6 thoughts on “Term 3, Week 5: Wednesday 11 August

    • louisemaurici says:

      Hi Everyone,
      Thank you for having a go!
      The answer to the riddle is ‘eye’.
      Well done to those you answered it correctly.
      Take care,


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