Term 2: Remote Learning

Dear Families,

We are thinking of you all as we transition into Remote Learning for Week 7. We understand the challenges of Remote Learning and have designed these learning experiences to continue on from the learning that has been happening at school. This may be too much for some, just right for others, and too little for others. It important to remember that we are living through a global pandemic, which comes with emotional highs and lows. Therefore, we ask you to be kind to yourselves and for your child to complete the learning tasks at their own pace. *Take a break when needed!*

Addiction Emotional Roller Coaster  by dallasb

In Year 4, we are inviting students to log onto their daily homegroup Google Meet at 9am. The homegroup nicknames are found in your child’s ‘take home pack’. There will also be another opportunity for your child to work in a small group during the day with their homegroup teacher. A weekly timetable will be distributed through Seesaw as an ‘announcement’.

Top 10 EdTech Tips: Seesaw | Georgia Public Broadcasting

The teachers will explain what each day could look like for the students during the 9am Google Meet. The teachers will have each Google Meet available 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

If you have any questions or concerns related to your child’s learning or wellbeing, please contact your teacher.

Take care and be kind to yourselves,
Louise, Olivia and Gabby😊

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