Year 4 Mass Celebration

Dear Families,

Last Friday, we had the privilege of Father Nathan joining us to explain the Beatitudes. We learnt that the Beatitudes teach us about how lucky we are and that Jesus wants us to BE MORE not get more.

This week during Literacy we unpacked the Scripture of how Jesus was accused of ‘blasphemy’ by the Jews. We learnt that many people did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God, even though there were many witnesses to Jesus’ miracles.

Today, together with Father Anh, the Year 4 students celebrated their year level Mass for 2021. We recognised the importance of being together in our faith community. We also spread the message of ‘Be More’ and continue to demonstrate this through our Lenten actions.

How have you shown what it looks like to BE MORE during Lent?
Do you agree with how Jesus was treated by the Jews? Why/Why not?

Looking forward to our final week of Term 1 together,

Madeline, Olivia, Louise and Gabby

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