Inquiry: Materials Needed for Monday

Dear Families,

As a focus for both Religious Education and Inquiry, our Year 4 students have been unpacking the stories from Caritas Australia. These wonderful people in our global community have shown us how we can ‘be more’ by through our actions rather than the materialistic things we possess.

By demonstrating the learner disposition of ‘creativity’, students will be designing and creating a product they believe the Caritas communities need.

We are asking all students to bring cardboard, recycled items, shoe boxes or old material to be brought to school on Monday. We know our students thrive in creative projects and cannot wait to see their final product.

Please be vigilant with any materials that may affect allergies (for example: eggs or nuts).

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**A reminder that all students will be required to wear FULL school uniform
for photos on Monday 29 March**

Enjoy your weekend!

Year 4 Teachers

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