Dear Families,

Being part of our wonderful Faith Community at SMCM, we begin to prepare ourselves for the season of Lent. Lent is the Christian Season of Repentance, which is sort of a spring cleaning of our lives. It is a time to renew our faith in God. Violet is the colour used in our sacred spaces and worn by the priest, as it symbolises suffering, penance and time for reflection.

You might like to listen to Anna, our very own SMCM Faith Leader, as she explains the importance of ‘Shrove Tuesday’ and ‘Ash Wednesday’. There are also slides that your family may choose to read through together.


Shrove Tuesday

Ash Wednesday

How will you and your family prepare for our season of Lent?
What does Lent mean to you?
How will you ‘BE MORE’ during the season of Lent?

In what ways will you continue to develop your relationship with God?

We are looking forward to celebrating the beginning of Lent with you soon,
Gabby, Louise, Olivia and Madeline
Year 4 Teachers

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