10 thoughts on “Term 2 Week 6 – Wednesday 20th May, 2020

    • Sarah Spiteri says:

      Good prediction Taylan. So you think the liquid will overflow form the glass? Interesting. Don’t forget to watch the afternoon message or try it at home 🙂


  1. Natalia says:

    Good morning Sarah,
    This science experiment sounds fun!
    I know another science experiment all you need is honey, oil, water and rubbing alcohol.
    First put in your thickest liquid honey, then put the oil in. After that while you put the water in tilt the bottle and the exact same with the rubbing alcohol tilt the bottle while you pour it in.
    Try it it should work!
    Have a great day Sarah!
    Take care,
    Natalia 🙂


    • Sarah Spiteri says:

      Thanks for the science experiment Natalia. i will have to see if I have those ingredients at home. Do you? maybe you could do the experiment and share it with us?

      Have a great day!


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