Term 2, Week 5 – Tuesday 12th May 2020

Hi everyone! Please make sure you check your Literacy Google Meet scheduled time on Seesaw for Week 5. Remember the day that you have your Google Meet, you do not have to complete the Literacy task on our Year 4 slides. You will have another task set by your teacher!

Morning Message:

Daily Slides:

Follow the slides to find your daily learning tasks:

Don’t forget your Morning Check In!
Click here to fill it in šŸ‘Œ

Remember you can share your questions, feedback and learning in the comments below, on Google Drive or via Seesaw šŸ˜Š

From Gabby, Louise, Sarah, Rose and Simone

6 thoughts on “Term 2, Week 5 – Tuesday 12th May 2020

    • Gabrielle Lo Castro says:

      Hi Mantra, please look at your Seesaw journal. I posted your scheduled time on there. If you have any further questions please email me. Thanks Gabby


  1. Chloe says:

    Hi Gabby,
    I need help because my quiz code or one of the things isn’t working. Please help me. Thank you.
    From chloe


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