Alleluia: He is Risen!

he is risen

Happy Easter to you all!

Did you know?   Easter is not just a weekend, it’s a whole season!

It begins on Easter Sunday and runs through to Pentecost, seven weeks in duration. The colour gold or white is used during this time to signify the glory of the Lord and our joy in the resurrection.

It is a time when we, as a Church, focus on the promises of Jesus to be with us in our lives.

Over the Holidays we remembered the journey Jesus took towards the Cross for us and on Easter Sunday we celebrated the Rising of Jesus.

Together with your family, celebrate this wonderful Easter celebration through our Alleluia Liturgy.

Use the reflection questions within the Liturgy to share you learning and understanding of how Jesus appeared to people in different ways.

One thought on “Alleluia: He is Risen!

  1. Chloe says:

    This part of RE pretty cool. I even had a small liturgy since I went threw and read the songs. Even though we cant have our normal mass/liturgy we can still do things to show god we belive in him and that we would like to be like him.


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