Celebrating Term 1 in Year 4!

Congratulations Year 4! What a successful term we have had all together. Your enthusiasm, dedication and motivation has shown us what great learners you are.

As we transition into our school holidays, in a different way that we normally would, what are you looking forward to? Is it spending quality time with your family, giving your full attention to your brother or sister during a fun activity or setting some time aside to complete a mindful activity?

What was your favourite learning experience and why?
Which learning activity did you feel you were most successful at?Why?
Which learning activity did you find challenging? Why?
What was something new you discovered this term?

Thank you for making each day unique, enjoyable and entertaining! We are all so lucky to be learning in such a wonderful and vibrant community at SMCM. #gratitude

We wish you and your families a restful, safe and happy holidays. May you be guided by the Lord through our celebration of Easter.

From Louise, Gabby, Rose, Sarah and Simone

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Term 1 in Year 4!

  1. Simone says:

    What a fabulous start to the year we have had! While I have enjoyed many learning experiences this term, one of my favourites has been CLIL with Sensei each Friday. It has been wonderful to see us all take on the new challenge of learning Japanese while creating, making and conducting experiments. すごい (su-go-i) everybody! Enjoy your well deserved break and see you next term 🙂

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  2. Crystal Noronha says:

    Term 1 has been exciting and fun filled days with lots of learning and trying new things for our kid’s. Broadening their creativity and filling their days with brain engaging activities brings them forward to day to day schooling. Thank you teachers and educators for supporting them and encouraging our kids. Have a blessed and safe Easter from Jayden

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    • Gabrielle Lo Castro says:

      Hi D’Souza Family,

      It is wonderful to see you all so interactive on the our Year 4 blog. I hope that Jayden has learnt some new skills, stretching his brain and trying something new. Thank you for your kind and inspiring words. We will continue to encourage our students throughout this Term 🙂
      Take care, Gabby


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