CLIL: Bijustu (Art)

CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning

Over the past couple of weeks in CLIL, Year 4 have been inspired by the work of the famous ‘Pop Art’ artist, Andy Warhol. His work focused on the crossover between celebrity, advertising and artistic expression.

Andy Warhol used complimentary colours to make each colour stand out in his work. Complimentary colours are also called ‘opposite’ colours’. When these colours are placed next to each other, they create a stronger contrast.

Year 4 have looked at samui iro (cool colours) and atatakai iro (warm colours). We have traced over the 2020 Olympic mascots Miraitowa and Someity, then we chose complimentary colours to finish out piece of work.

“I learnt about the different types of colours (cool and warm) in Japanese. This activity was interesting because it was new to me and I enjoyed it a lot!”- Maxwell- Miraitowa Homegroup

Take a look at our amazing artistic skills!

– What did you learn about the artist Andy Warhol?
– Where would you find his artwork?
– Have you seen his artwork before?
-How do you say ‘cool colours’ and ‘warm colours’ in Japanese?

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