Year 4 Market

Our Year Four students have created their own small businesses as part of our Financial Maths unit over the last three weeks. They are now very eager to share their learning with others on Thursday at first break by creating our very own Year Four Market. 

Each group has been given a $15 budget by the school to set up their business. However, some groups have decided to prepare and provide some of their materials/ingredients from home. Please feel under no obligation to purchase anything extra since we have been encouraging our students to work like ‘entrepreneurs’ who are creative and efficient within their budget. 

If food is prepared at home, we ask that a full list of ingredients is provided and that bought items remain packaged. 

If students wish to support other businesses by purchasing their products/services, they can bring a gold coin donation in exchange for SMCM Money. One dollar will buy five SMCM dollars and two dollars will buy ten SMCM dollars. A box will be set up at our Celebration of Learning evening tonight, where families can put donations in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and homegroup. If you are not attending Celebration of Learning, you may bring your money on Thursday morning. 

You are welcome to join them in Penola at 12:15pm on Thursday and participate in purchasing items from their businesses.

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