Our Waste Footprint

As we continue to learn about our marine ecosystem, we are exploring how the health of our oceans and waterways is affected by human activity and use of resources.

Did you know that our households use 66,000 tonnes of plastic every year?!  A shocking fact that we learnt by viewing sections of War on Waste.

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We are now investigating the waste we are generating at school. We are conducting our own waste audit in each building, by emptying the contents of the rubbish bins; tallying the amount of recyclable objects (eg. drink bottles/cups), food scraps, paper and cardboard, stationary and plastic; then graphing the results.

  • What were the results of your waste audit?
  • What did you find most surprising, interesting or shocking?
  • How can we help to reduce the amount of waste, particularly plastic waste, at school?

32 thoughts on “Our Waste Footprint

  1. Ava Geslicki says:

    -By bringing wrapper free foods to school
    -Reusing empty milk bottles from staff room for art class or school activities
    -Make healthier meal choices and eat fresh produce rather than packaged foods

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  2. Rachel Storey says:

    – We can bring nude food
    – No wrappers
    – Reusing milk cartons, plastic drink bottles
    – Fresh food and no packaged food
    This will help our community and reduce waste.

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  3. Andrea Robinson says:

    These are some ways we can reduce waste every 10 minutes from our footprint :
    -We can put the plastic containers that have the recycle symbol in the recycling bin
    -We can be a Nude Food warrior
    -We can reuse a plastic product and make a creation with the plastic products we have
    -We can compost
    -Turn of lights when you leave a room
    -Ride on a bike or scooter to school
    Fact: There are three types of pollution .
    – Light pollution
    – Noise pollution
    – Water pollution

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  4. Antoni says:

    Waste can be reduced at school by:
    -Bringing no wrappers / packaged foods.
    -Bringing lunch in a re usable container as an example.
    -Placing recyclable items in the recycle bin.
    -Reusing school folders
    -Teachers can also help by drinking coffee from a reusable cup.

    Antoni D

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  5. Sayumi says:

    Hi Anna ,
    If every 60 seconds, over 100 tonnes of rubbish is either recycled, burned or put in landfill. How come the only time we put out the rubbish is on Wednesday night and is collected Thursday morning?

    Or does each suburb have a different day or time the rubbish is collected on ?

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  6. Kiwisha Moharajah says:

    Buy products that can be recycled.
    Make sure you have a recycling bin at home and school.
    Make a song up to do with recycling that will help u to recycle things.
    Take nude food to school.

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  7. Ethan says:

    _ Walk or ride to school.
    _ Avoid individually packed plastic snacks.
    _ Carpool to school or take public transport.
    _ Compost all organic waste at school such as uneaten fruit .
    _ Reusable lunchboxes and water bottles.
    _ Turn off all lights and electronics at school when not used.
    _ Reduce water wastage , use all unused water in water bottles at the end of the day to water school garden.
    _ Install rain water tanks at school.
    _ use solar water tanks

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  8. Ava Sammut says:

    Things we can do to help our world be more sustainable
    – Use reusable bottles instead of disposable bottles
    – Put food scraps in a compost bin
    – Use recycling bins
    – Use containers instead of plastic wrappers
    – Buy food that doesn’t have wrappers

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  9. Noah L says:

    -Put more recycling bins around the school
    -print double sided
    -use more containers for food
    -check our bins every day for recyclable items
    -don’t use glad wrap on lunch food
    -use less ziplock bags
    -use less paper
    -don’t buy bottled water in the shop

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  10. Sarah Dmello (turtles) says:

    I think trying to reduce waste is a good idea. I think the rest of the people in the world should listen to the video of trash that we watched. It tells us a lot about what we have done to our precious world. I think if every person in the world watched the video we would learn a lot and with hard work and a few years we would be able to make the world alot healthier!!!

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  11. Ethan Ajeesh says:

    We can reduce plastic at our school by:
    -bringing nude food.
    -if it has plastic take it out and put it in a container.
    -don’t put cling raps for your sandwich.
    -use lunchbox with separater so that you can bring your snack.

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  12. Scarlett Flanagan says:

    – reduce the amount of paper used and do more work on our chromebooks
    – re-use rubbish instead of throwing it in the bin
    – donating things that can be reused but not recycled so it doesn’t end up in the rubbish
    – use nude food instead of packaged foods

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  13. Hannah C says:

    At school we could follow the three R’s (reduce, reuse recycle.)
    This will help to produce less waste at school. We should also continue to be nude food warriors, use our compost bin and bring reusable containers.

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  14. Kavreen Aulakh says:

    To reduce waste there are lots of good ways! You can carry reusable shopping bags. Like we do at school, you can bring reusable bottles.Bring nude food in containers and reuse stuff. We could also sort rubbish each week by making a tally and trying harder to reduce waste each week.

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  15. Thomas Mance says:

    – recycle copy paper by using both sides
    – bring in lunch containers rather than food in glad wrap
    – eat more fruit and vegetables
    – teach children to understand the meaning of what gets recycled or not by using the symbols on the packaging
    – place more bins around the school highlighting recyclable or non recyclable

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  16. Bradley says:

    Here is a few ways we can help with our waste
    -we can NOT bring in snacks
    -reuse containers and NOT get new ones every year
    -use containers instead of gladrap

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    – separate bins for different recyclables like paper,plastics and others.
    – use a paper straw for drinking juice instead of plastic straws
    – if your paper has run out of space use the other side instead of getting a new one

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  18. Joe Farrell says:

    To reduce our wast footprint we could –
    Bring reusable containers with your food
    Bring reusable drink bottles
    Use as little paper as possible by using computers
    Save more electricity by turning off light switches and apliances when we are not using them

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  19. Shona Shiju says:

    -Wrapper free food to school
    -Print only what is necessary
    -Use appropriate recycling
    -Reusing plastic bottles
    -Donating items that can be reused
    -Use only reusable plastic bags

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  20. Mia K says:

    We can reduce waste by:
    – using recyclable containers for lunches and snacks
    – don’t buy food with plastic wrappers
    – switch off the tap when brushing your teeth and/ or washing your hands

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  21. Reyna says:

    To reduce waste at school we could : bring no wrappers , recycle waste and bring nude food. At home we could refuse waste by : only buying healthy food , recycle objects and find ways to make plastic things like straws reusable.
    These are ways to make our earth more clean and sustainable.

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  22. Noah Ferreira says:

    A few ways to reduce waste is by:
    – not bringing food in wrappers
    – do not use paper in class and use chromebooks more
    – do not throw wrappers on the floor and in the water

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  23. William K says:

    I believe that we can reduce our waste in the environment by bringing a bottle from home. By bringing nude food we can have less wrappers and therefore less littler at school. We can start composting at SMCM to help our gardens. Some scraps can be used to feed the chickens. Finally we can recycle all cardboard and paper.


  24. Jada says:

    -I think the amount of rubbish we throw out is ridiculous!
    -My goal is to only throw out less than 3 wasteful things a day and i think you should do it to.
    -I THINK YOU SHOULD MAKE A GOAL FOR YOURSELF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  25. Elvin paul says:

    -We can bring no wrappers to school
    -We can bring containers instead of wrapper
    -We can reuse plastic wrappers
    -NOT bringing wrappers to school
    -Not bringing food in wrappers


  26. Elvin paul says:

    A way that we can put the rubbish in seprate bins is a bin called staionary bin recycable objects bin food scraps bin and cardboard/paper bin.


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