Camp Narmbool Reflection

We had such an experience over the last couple of days while at Camp Narmbool!

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  • What did you enjoy? Why?
  • What did you learn?
  • What will you share with your family?
  • Did you make new friends? Did you learn something new about them?
  • Did you find out anything about yourself that you didn’t know before?
  • What was your favourite part about camp?

22 thoughts on “Camp Narmbool Reflection

  1. Noah L says:

    I enjoyed going to camp Narmbool because we learned new things and had fun. I learned about different species of animals invertebrates. I told my family about when I found the masked lapwing eggs near a swamp when we were sampling the lake.My favourite part of camp was climbing the mountain.


    • Rachel Troiani says:

      Thank you for sharing your feedback Noah! It’s so great to hear that your learnt new things and had fun on camp as well as enjoying the experience!


  2. Andrea says:

    This is to all the grade 3 teachers thank you for arranging this camp for us . I appreciate how much the teachers like all of the grade 3 students . I dont know how ro thank Aaron , Rachel . T , Michelle Geraldine .


    • Rachel Troiani says:

      Thank you so much Andrea, it was our pleasure and so glad you enjoyed the experience! I wonder what you enjoyed the most and why? What did you learn?


  3. Bradley says:

    the camp was really nice. the view was good.
    i learnt that invertebrates live in water and classify how good the water is
    my favorite part of camp was the food. the food was really good.


  4. Nahala says:

    I enjoyed it because I got time to myself and had fun. i learnt about new creatures .i will share to my family what i enjoyed. my favorite part of camp was the lava team challenge


    • Rachel Troiani says:

      Thanks for sharing Nahala! Glad to hear you had fun! One of my favourite parts was the Lava Team Challenge also, I wonder why you enjoyed it so much?


  5. Alana Luscombe says:

    I enjoyed cabin time the most because it gave me a chance to talk and relax with my friends.
    I learnt about the history of Narmbool and the people who lived there originally.
    I will share my photos with my family and facts like how Narmbool was named after Aboriginal’s favorite food, kidney fat from possum.
    While I was away, I discovered about myself, that sleeping away from family can be fun and I can sleep without music


  6. Adianna says:

    At camp, I enjoyed the lava time challenge because in the mint we had some ups and downs but we got it done and we were happy that we came 2nd. I learnt about insects, william’s garden, birds and more. I will share with my family the whole trip about camp and show my pictures on my camera like williams garden, everyone who came to camp and everything that happened at camp.
    I made a lot of new good friends and learned a few new things about them.I thought I wouldn’t go to camp in grade 3, but i did and I faced my fear. My favourite part of camp was all I don’t have an actual favourite part.


  7. Hannah C says:

    At camp, I enjoyed climbing up the big hill and doing the laver challenge. The challenge included hard thinking and teamwork. I enjoyed it because we had to work together and keep trying even if we did mess up sometimes.


  8. Isaak says:

    I enjoyed the experience I had at camp narmbool. l got to stay up late and have a sleep over with my friends. I learnt about the olden days and how people lived. I shared my camping experience with my family. I made three new friends Kim, Matt and Damon. They were the hosts of camp narmbool. I found that I can stay away from my parents and make good choices. My favourite part of camp was all the activities especially climbing the mountain


    • Rachel Troiani says:

      Thanks for sharing Isaak! So great to hear that you enjoyed yourself and learned that you can stay away from your family while making good choices! I wonder why you especially enjoyed climbing the mountain?


  9. Andrea Robinson says:

    My favourite part about Camp was bedtime, breakfast and lunch. They had delicious hash browns! When I think about that it makes me hungry . 🐑 What was your favourite meal?


  10. chemachandra says:

    Hi Aaron,

    I enjoyed alot of things at camp, Like the aquatic sampling, Watching Kevi the nankeen Kestral and the barn owl and learning about them with Martin. I learnt that humans are vertebrates with Matt.

    Question : What was the name of the barn owl and was it a barn owl?



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