Camp Narmbool Reminders

The Year Threes will be travelling to Camp Narmbool this Thursday!

Leaving from SMCM Thursday 8th November at 8:45am

Returning to SMCM Friday 9th November by 4:00pm

Please be at school by 8:30am to check in any medication with your teacher and to be ready to load our bags on the buses, ensuring we are ready to leave on time.

Camp Narmbool To Bring List

Camp Narmbool Backpack List

Camp Narmbool Do Not Bring

If you have any questions, please see your teacher

3 thoughts on “Camp Narmbool Reminders

  1. Chiara Ciano says:

    I enjoyed being in my cabin with my friends Isabella and Adrianna because I made new friends. I enjoyed the laver team challenge because our class had to work as a team to finish the challenge.


  2. Chiara Ciano says:

    I learnt team work and sportsmanship.I will share every thing about camp to my family I didn’t make new friends but I did learnt something about my friend.I did find out that I am not scared of climbing a big hill.My favourite part was the lava team challenge because we had to work as a team.


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