How Can We Reduce Waste At Our School?

We are working towards achieving our third Resourcesmart Star for reducing Waste at our school. We performed a Waste Audit in order to learn about how much waste we produce at our school.

We found that our main waste stream is food wrappers and banana peels.

Out of six binwe emptied, there 170 food wrappers and 58 banana peels!

What can you do to reduce waste at our school?

What happens to this waste that we put in our bins?

Share your ideas here and let’s work together to be Sustainable!

11 thoughts on “How Can We Reduce Waste At Our School?

  1. Cassandra Mercuri says:

    Hi Claudia,

    Wow! 170 wrappers and 58 Banana peels from six out of 12 bins its Not bad but not the best! (I think its 12)
    170×12 is 2,040 so roughly it would be about 2,040 wrappers in the school bins. I mean, Every bin has a different amount of rubbish in it.

    A way we could encourage students to not use wrappers as much is: Every Wednesday or a day however many containers you bring that have/had food in it that’s in your lunch box is including too Dojo Points. If your class does not do Dojo’s then prizes. Or make a list and at the end of the month whichever class has most containers get a prize 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

    I am looking forward to doing a further research and sharing my ideas!

    From Cassy (Ginger homegroup)


    • cpalmisano says:

      Wow Cassy, those calculations are really something we need to think about! Thank you for being a Waste Warrior and contributing your ideas so that we can reduce waste at our school! If anyone else is interested, perhaps we can start a Waste Warrior team and implement a way for homegroups to monitor their waste in a fun and interactive way just as you suggested! Who else would like to join us in implementing this idea?

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      • Cassandra Mercuri says:

        Fantastic Idea Claudia!
        A Waste Warrior team sounds an awesome and fun way to encourage students too be Nude Food!


  2. Shanzay says:

    Hi Claudia,
    Before I came to this school I used to go to Epping views primary school and on
    Thursdays they used to put the compost in the special compost bin.Then they cleaned the bins with special tools and the school hoes.I hope you like the idea!


    • cpalmisano says:

      Thanks Shanzay for sharing your experience, it would be great to learn more about what you know about composting. I wonder if you’d like to join Garden Club sometime and share your knowledge with us?


  3. Ethan says:

    Hey Green Team,

    Some people have lunch boxes with like… apartments. (Like me) I like the idea of a Waste Warrior Team! It sound like a great idea but not everyone has containers.

    Maybe we could have another compost bin like we already have one and it takes pretty long time to make compost that’s why I suggest we get another one to fill up!😃

    From Ethan Nazareth (Ginger Homegroup)


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