Sovereign Hill Camp

What an incredible time our Year Four students had on camp this week! There were so many opportunities to uncover Australia’s history at Sovereign Hill on Wednesday and Thursday – from exploring the Red Hill mine and panning for gold; visiting the Chinese camp and businesses that existed in the 1800s; to socialising with our roommates in the Northern Barracks. We even dressed up as people from the Gold Rush to replicate the Eureka story!ย  These camp experiences and time spent with our peers help us to stretch our thinking and become more independent.

What was your highlight of our Year Four Camp to Sovereign Hill?

Was it what you expected?

What did you learn whilst you were away?

31 thoughts on “Sovereign Hill Camp

  1. MANNY & CASSY says:

    Hi Anna & Matt!

    I had so much fun at camp! I learnt that the miners had to pay $1,000 dollars per month meaning that it was $12,000 per year! ( excluding Bill’s, food,etc ) I also Iearnt that the candles were used underground to find out how much air they had left underground.

    One of my favorites parts was going underground in the mine seeing the 2nd biggest piece of gold ever found! Also seeing how the candy was made.

    I was nervous but now I am so happy I went to camp!
    Thank you so much Anna & Matt for organizing the camp it was Fantastic,

    From Cassy. GINGER

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    • Anna says:

      Thanks Cassy!
      So wonderful to hear you enjoyed camp. I agree, seeing the gold nugget was a highlight and visiting the Red Hill mine really helped me understand what life was like for the miners! Looking forward to learning more about this over the coming weeks.


  2. kade says:

    I had so much fun. I did not want to go home. I learnt that it was 30 shillings per month to get a license. My highlight was panning for gold and learning how to pan for gold properly.

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  3. XAVIER says:

    I learnt that it was not good to be in the 1850s. Dinner was nice and i was lucky to find GOLD. And it was interesting looking at the GOLD pour and how nine year old kids worked in mines!

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  4. Julia Imperatrice says:

    Hi Anna and Matt,

    I had a great time at Sovereign Hill. I also asked my mum and dad to go because I had a great time. My favourite part was going into the red hill mine and finding gold. I think it is better to use a cradle than a pan even though the cradle takes longer.

    I got to see a pig, lots or horses and 2 donkeys, i even got to touch a horse and those 2 donkeys. I learnt that you never touch a horse without it knowing you are there or else they will get scared.

    When i went into the red hill mine everyone was starting to say that it was hard to breath but when we went to see the candle making it all made sense because when you are underground if you bring a candle down with you can tell how much oxygen is down there.

    I also liked when we went to see pouring gold and he made a gold bar out of melted gold.

    From Julia Imperatrice in the ginger home group

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  5. Ethan Nazareth says:

    Hi Anna and Matt!

    Sovereign Hill was so awesome and cool. I really enjoyed the Red Hill Mine and the Panning For Gold. I liked the Red Hill Mine because we got to see what it used to be for miners in the olden days and we got to find out who found the Biggest Gold Nugget and what it looked like. I enjoyed the Panning for Gold because we learnt how to pan for gold and some people were very lucky but I don’t think I’m as lucky as them.

    I learnt that back then you had to pay for a licenses even if you were sick or you weren’t mining for the gold. the licenses used cost 30 shillings which I think is $1,000 which means they had to pay $12,000 every year!

    I wonder if how much 1 piece of gold would be equal to and how much that big GOLD NUGGET would be worth! I also wonder if the miners had to use only pickaxes and shovels or could you use another tool.

    Thanks a lot Anna and Matt! I loved Camp except for the walking.

    From Ethan Nazareth!

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    • MANNY & CASSY says:

      Hi Ethan!

      I enjoyed the Red Hill Mine and the Panning for gold too!
      I found a similar answer to your question that may help you figure out the answer to your question.

      I found out a untrained miner gets 1sp=$50 or 1gp=$500.
      For the question of how much the gold nugget is worth, you should search it up as I tried but found no answer but you may be able to.

      I agree,there was lots of walking but was worth it!

      From Cassy. (Ginger)


  6. Dean says:

    I enjoyed doing panning for gold because it was fun trying to find gold. I learnt how to pan for gold. I wonder if they had enough food and water to survive in the gold diggings?

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  7. Thomas says:

    Hi Anna and Matt

    My favourite part about camp was the pantomime because it was funny how Benjamin kept on falling off the stage in Little Red Robin Hood.

    Something I learnt about the gold rush was that when they burnt their licences, most of them were probably fake.

    I want to learn more about how they found the gold in the first place.

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  8. Summer Maxwell says:

    Hi Anna and Matt,

    I really enjoyed camp and Iโ€™d love to go again!… my highlight was of course panning for gold, and just exploring Sovereign Hill and experiencing how people used to live in the 1800s.

    I learnt heaps but the thing that I most enjoyed was learning about what people use to make candles. They cooked mutton and used the fat to make the candles. It smelt REALLY awful. To colour the candles you simply just picked something that is the same colour as you want the candle to be. For example: you want the the colour to be green, you pick some grass and throw it in with the mutton fat.

    Over all I just loved visiting Sovereign Hill and enjoyed all that was there, even though it wasnโ€™t what I expected!


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    • MANNY & CASSY says:

      Hi Summer!

      I enjoyed the panning for gold too! It helped me understand how hard it was for those who had to be panning for gold every day, every hour.

      It was fascinating hearing how the candles got their colour in the 1800’s!

      It was very interesting finding how they lived in the 1800s

      I wonder if we could do some more research about what they used to put in the dye to make the color of the candle.

      From Cassy. (Ginger)


  9. christeena says:

    Hi Anna and Matt,

    My favourite highlight of the our trip to camp was the Red Hill Mine, it really helped me learn about the gold rush.

    There was so many facts I learnt but the ones that really stood out for me are:

    *The Welcome Nugget was the second largest piece of gold ever found.
    *A lady would only wash her hair once a year and wear a day cap to prevent or avoid anyone seeing the grease in the hair.
    *The Chinese camp was excluded and payed double money for the license
    *In China if they found gold they would have to give it to the governors
    *Peter Lalor got shot in the arm and he had saw the arm off without any type of medication

    I would like to know more about what they would do to get a gold license and how the governors or the police would react to it.

    Thank you Anna and Matt for planning an Awesome Camp!!FROM GARLIC!

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  10. James Inovero says:

    Hi Anna and Matt!

    I had so much fun I enjoyed the leaning about the Chinese camp and the red hill mine.

    I learnt that the Chinese had to pay 60 shillings for the gold licence and the British had to pay 30 shillings a month. I also learnt that the ladies couldn’t show their ankles and that the Eureka flag is made out of ladies underwear XD. Finally I learnt that the miners used to steal the candles so someone made coloured candles so if a police man saw a person with a coloured candle they will be arrested. Oh and also in the mine shaft they didn’t have that much oxygen especially with candles so they died. Its JUST SAD

    Thanks Anna and Matt also couldn’t we have like 2 more nights

    from James

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    • MANNY & CASSY says:

      Hi James!

      The Red Hill Mine & Chinese Camp was a highlight for me too!

      Yes,the flag is made out of ladies underwear but luckily now it’s not!

      It is sad that the miners did not know how to read candles and how much oxygen they had underground.

      It was a bummer that we couldnt stay for longer! Maybe next time.

      From Cassy. (Ginger)


  11. Sapphire says:

    Hi Matt and Anna,
    So my favourite activity was going to the Confectionary Shop and eating all that delicious candy YUM! I Learned that the Chinese people were treated more poorly than the english people and secondly how the Children were dressed and were treated. I would like to know more about how hard was it to find that HUMONGOUS GOLD NUGGET!

    I can’t wait for Camp next year 2019! Thanks for bringing us to Camp Matt and Anna!๐Ÿ˜„

    From Sapphire

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  12. BIANCA says:

    Hi Anna and Matt!

    My favourite part of the camp was when we got to see the gold pouring.It was really cool when the man put the gold into the water and lots of steam came out of it.

    I learnt that the Chinese Camps were really isolated and kept away from the British area and that they were treated unfairly by the other people.

    I want to learn more about the mines and what the people would do with the gold after they found it.

    From Bianca


  13. Harry says:

    I enjoyed panning for Gold in the river and finding real Gold.
    I also loved the pantomime because I got to sit up the top of the theatre and the show was funny!!!

    I was interested to learn about how the Chinese were treated like slaves.
    A gold licence cost 30 shillings.

    I would like to learn more about the Eureka rebellion and Timothy Hayes.

    It was a fantastic excursion and I loved spending time with all of my friends. I learnt to be more flexible when things changed.

    Thanks Matt and Anna


  14. Andrew Bartlett says:

    Hi Anna and Matt

    I didn’t go to camp sadly but when I was at home I enjoyed playing with my cat.
    But I know some facts about the gold rush. The Eureka stockade war lasted 20 minutes exactly
    and the war was in the 1800’s about 200 years ago.

    I would like to learn about times including the Cave men that were here MILLION’S OF YEAR’S AGO!!!


  15. #LENA says:

    Hi Anna & Matt!

    Sovereign Hill was awesome!!!!
    My highlight of camp was going into the RED HILL MINE!!! It was so cool and mysterious.
    I also enjoyed see the gold pouring because it was so cool when a kind of sound when the man put it in the water.

    I learnt that the Chinese were treated differently from the others because they were different and that their houses were isolated and kept away from the British people.I also learnt that the gold licenses cost 30 shilling which is 1,000 dollars.

    I had so much fun at camp being with my friends !!!


  16. Liang-Cardenas says:

    My favourite activities were panning for gold and going to the red hill mine because it was fun to learn about ” The welcome nugget ” and what it was like inside an underground mine. I learnt how people made the candles and that children aged 9 could mine for gold. The pantomime show called Little Red Robin Hood was really entertaining even though the God save the Queen part was a bit annoying as well as funny. I want to learn more about how people communicated between long distances and the Eureka rebellion.


  17. Gabriel says:

    Hi Anna,

    I loved Sovereign Hill and this was my second time visiting this place and I would love to go there again and again.

    My favourite part was when I played Peter Lalor in the Eureka Story. I also enjoyed panning for gold though I did not find some. I learnt how candies were made using candy machine with moulds. I want to learn more about history of sovereign hill.


  18. Marco says:

    hi Matt and Anna,
    My favourite thing to do was exploring the Chinese camp and learning what the Chinese had to do . Also I did not want to leave because we had so much fun. ๐Ÿ˜€


  19. Amelia Di Benedetto says:

    Hi Anna and Matt
    I like going to the red hill mine and listening to the store about the big golden
    nugget .
    I learnt that the houses were not that big.


  20. Lewis Attard says:

    Hello Anna and Matt,

    I had a great experience at camp and i learnt a lot! On camp, i liked every activity but my favorite activity was the pantomime. I enjoyed how we taken back to the 1850s and got to decide whether Timothy Hayes was innocent or guilty of burning his licence.

    The second pantomime was good because I liked calling out to warn the actors.

    At Sovreign hill I learnt that if you find quartz and you break it you can find gold.

    I would like to learn more about how they functioned schools in the 1850s and what they learnt about?


  21. Ethan Dela Pena says:

    Hi Matt and Anna,

    My favorite activity is when we got to watch the pantomime because it was really funny!
    The pantomime was about robin hood vs little red riding hood.

    What i learnt about the gold rush is that there was a gold license and the miners had to pay 30 shillings to get one. I also learnt that some of the miners were very angry with the licenses.

    I would like to learn more about the Red coat army.


  22. Azaria . M says:

    Hey Anna and Matt

    Sovereign hill will probably be the most exciting thing we do for all of term 3.

    I enjoyed going down the red hill mine even though I didn’t quite like getting wet,we got to pretend webl were mining for gold and we saw a welcome nugget.

    I also really loved the pantomime because I got to sit at the top therefore I got to see better, I liked little red riding hood the best because it was hilarious and Shanzay got to be part of the show.

    My lowlight was that we did not get to go bowling and I really really wanted to go.

    I had the best time at camp
    From Azaria


  23. Akein says:

    I really enjoyed panning for gold. I also learnt that the Chinese had to pay double for the gold licenses. I want to learn more about the guns they used in the Eureka Stockade.


  24. Serafina Hana says:

    Hi Anna and Matt!
    I really enjoyed camp, it was so much fun! My favourite activity was when we went to pantomime and the red hill mine. I learned that:
    The miners had to pay 30 shillings a month for their mining licence even if they were sick and couldn’t mine for a while.
    The fight that they had in Ballerat 1854 December 3rd was because the miners didn’t pay the licence because it was too expensive for them.
    The Chinese people got very offended and had to pay more money for the licence.
    The stockade is a spiky fence that the miners made so that the red coat soldiers couldn’t get past ( but they did )
    Children must be seen and not heard.
    The miners used the candles underground to survive because the flame tells them how much carbon dioxide there was in the mine as they got lower.
    I want to learn how the children’s lives were because we learned more about the adults’ lives more.
    From Serafina ๐Ÿ™‚


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