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Year Four were excited today to hear from our friends in Darwin. The students of Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School kindly answered to our many wonderings about tropical and coastal environments. We were fascinated to hear about differences in climate and how natural disasters, like cyclones, have damaged vegetation and landscapes in and around Darwin.

Thanks Miss Kelsey and 3/4 students! We look forward to communicating with you in Term 3!

What did you learn about the tropical and coastal environments?

What are some similarities and differences to our environment?

Do you have any more wonderings?



Headphones & Gumboots Reminders

Just some reminders:

In our learning we have been using our Chromebooks for different learning areas. We have been reading and viewing texts online as well as accessing our blog and interactive resources, for example Matific. All students are required to have labelled headphones.

black corded headset

As we have now entered the season of Winter and as we know this type of weather brings about muddy areas around our school grounds. It is essential that all students have labelled gumboots for outside play.

Play the ukulele daily!

Penguins, Seals and Turtles Learning Blog 2019

Good evening Garlic and Ginger,

As you know, we are learning to play the ukulele in Performing Arts.

We have many eager dreamers who would love to become leaders. Yes it rhymes 🙂 Many of you have asked me to put up information about where to buy a good quality ukulele, if you practise you’ll be playing songs before you know it!

Check out the links below if you’re interested in buying your own ukulele. This is also what we use in class. Here are my recommendations:

Colour ukulele: browse for your colour choice

Ukulele Tuner:

Ukulele Strap: browse for your colour choice

Good luck with your search and ask me any questions when you see me.

By. From Jess

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