Sacrament Reflection Day

Today our Middles travelled to Templestowe for a Sacrament reflection Day. The day provided many opportunities for the students to make connections about the presence of God in the Sacraments and all around us.

Students made their own prayer cloth, choosing their own symbols that reflected where they experience God in their own lives.

Our Reconciliation and Eucharist  teams also experienced their Sacrament in action. Our Year Three students shared some great discussion about what happens when we make right or wrong choices and explored the symbolism of the cross. As our Year Four group made bread, they considered that when two things are connected, a change is made! Just as we do when we celebrate the Eucharist, we shared the bread as a community!

What connections did you make today?

Where did you see God at our reflection day?

12 thoughts on “Sacrament Reflection Day

    • Anna says:

      It was fun NIveda. A great opportunity to think about how the bread changes into Jesus’ body when it is blessed in the Eucharist!


  1. MANNY & CASSY says:

    Hi Anna & Matt!

    I really enjoyed the Excursion to Holy Cross Centre! I had so much fun making my cloth and being Creative! I had lots of fun making the bread, It was great being Creative and using my imagination to create different symbols.
    God is Always with us everywhere you go.
    I saw god in the cross. As, it represents God when he died.

    I enjoyed the amazing excursion and cant wait to learn more about Sacraments!

    From Cassy 😊🥖🍷


  2. Noah L says:

    On the reflection day, I connected with the story that Cathy read to us, about what ways we can see or feel God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. At the reflection day I saw God when I was making a prayer cloth with my friends.

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  3. Ethan Nazareth says:

    I enjoyed reflection day because:
    1 we had an amazing race at break time.
    2 We got to make our own bread and
    3 I got my own bread at the end of the day and I GOT MY OWN BREAD and the other half went to some one else (I knew it was my bread because I wrote my name on it).
    It was a great day. I learnt we are connected to God in many different ways.


    • Anna says:

      How fantastic Ethan! Thank you for the knowledge and support you have provided to the Eucharist candidates so far this term! 😊


  4. Lia Addamo says:

    Hi Michelle,
    On our excursion to the holy cross centre my favourite things were making the prayer cloth and making the stick cross.
    From Lia.


  5. Andrea says:

    Hi grade 3 and 4 teachers . Thank you for arranging the Reflection day excursion . I enjoyed it a lot . Thank you for teaching us about sacraments .


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