SMCM Wallpaper

To celebrate the Year Threes having their Chromebooks, we’ve shared our SMCM desktop wallpaper.


What do you like about the wallpaper?

What do you still find challenging when using a Chromebook?

33 thoughts on “SMCM Wallpaper

  1. William says:

    I really like my brand new SMCM wallpaper. It is my very first time getting a new wallpaper. I am
    feeling happy and amazing. I also like the front of the school photo.


  2. Sayumi says:

    I really like my new wallpaper!!!!
    It’s like we’re representing our school a little bit.
    It was challenging to download into my folder but the rest was easy.

    Sayumi .H

    🙂 🙂 😉


  3. Bradley says:

    The wallpaper is very cool but it was hard to get it. You had to double click about 2 times but it is very cool!


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