Week 3 Year 4 Japanese-Maths (CLIL)

Highlighting Week 3, students in Year 4 further explored Maths in Japanese through shopping role-play. They used Japanese money, Yen, during the session, calculated how much spent on purchased items (set-up items such as sushi toys) when they were customers and how much money made when they were shopkeepers.

It was great to see the students were engaged in using their Maths skills, collaborating with their peers, counting the large numbers (100, 1000) in Japanese! Some were very customer-friendly, offering discounts!

They also started using more words in Japanese, such as;
– しつもん (shi-tsu-mo-n)
– わかりません (wa-ka-ri-ma-se-n)
– もう いちど  (mo-u i-chi-do)
I wonder who can tell us what these words mean?

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