Digital Technology Update!

Since this year began at SMCM, we have been investigating our Digital Technology Policy and User Agreement. We have been learning about the different parts of this policy, unpacked the key words and words we were not sure about. We also discussed what the purpose of this policy is and what are expectations when we are using Digital Technology to help us with our learning.


We will all receive our own Digital Technology Policy and User Agreement that we are going to share with our family. A reminder that once we have read and talked out what it is telling us, we need to tick the boxes and sign to say we understand and agree to comply to it.

We need to bring the whole policy (signed and dated) back to school as soon as possible!

  • Did you learn anything knew about the way we use Digital Technology?
  • Why is it important that we understand our policy?
  • Are there any questions about our policy?
  • Are there any words that you needed to clarify?


28 thoughts on “Digital Technology Update!

  1. Alana Luscombe says:

    We need to understand our policy because if we don’t understand it we could breach the Technology Code. Sometimes it could even be a serious breach.This could mean loss of the Technology for up to 1 week. If you repeat the breach or the breach is SERIOUS, you will lose it for 2 weeks.This code is for our safety and is important because we could see/hear things that are unsuitable for us and we MUST follow the STOP, BLOCK and TELL procedure.

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    • Rachel says:

      Thanks for sharing your feedback Alana! Great to see you understand the importance of being a safe digital citizen and what the procedures are!


    • Rachel says:

      Thanks for sharing Ethan – I am looking forward to everyone using their Chromebooks for learning at school very soon too! I wonder if you could share what being a safe digital citizen means?


  2. Mia says:

    The new thing that I learnt from the Digital Technology and Policy Agreement is if you breach the Technology Code you can lose your use of technology for up to 2 weeks.
    It is important that we understand our policy so that we know how to use technology appropriately to keep us safe on line.
    I have no questions about our policy. There are no words that need to be clarified.

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    • Rachel says:

      Great connections Mia! It is great to see that you understand the purpose of our policy and why we need to understand it is to keep us safe!


  3. Sarah Dmello says:

    I learnt if you don’t respect the digital technology it will be known as a breach. Our digital technology policy helps us to understand that we need to take care of our chrome books and it is our responsibility.

    I dont need to clarify anything or any words from the policy. My mum explained it to me.

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  4. Louis Sutton says:

    The key take away that my family and I have from reading and signing off on the digital technology agreement is as follows: Security is paramount and you should never share your password plus you should never be mean to anyone online.

    Security and not being mean is important to us all.

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    • Michelle Marsh says:

      Thank you Louis for sharing the importance of security when using technology. It is important to remember that we use kind words when online.


  5. Hannah Cleary says:

    I understand that if I breach the code I will lose my chromebook for one or two weeks. I understand I must only go on websites and games that my teacher lets me and that are appropriate.

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  6. Hannah Gojevic says:

    I understand if I breach the digital technology policy I will get my Chromebook taken from me. I understand not to share my password with anyone except the teachers.

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  7. Noah Gojevic says:

    I learnt to carry the Chromebook with two hands, and not to share my Chromebook. A breach means breaking a promise and not obeying the rules. I am excited to get my Chromebook.

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  8. Antonius Dopierala says:

    Bullying is a bad thing to do on the internet, it can be on games or email. This looks likes swearing or calling people bad names. I like the school policy because it stops cyber bullying.

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  9. Brad Storer says:

    I learnt not to write inappropriate words on the internet even if it is meant as a joke, because it can hurt other people’s feelings. This is because they don’t know what tone you have used. So always be thinking about how any jokes might sound.

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  10. Chiara Ciano says:

    I learnt to always respect and take care of our digital technology. Never share your password and to always use the STOP, BLOCK and TELL if you get a pop up on screen.

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  11. Noah Ferreira says:

    I learnt that I should not share my password with anyone. I also learnt that I should not give out private information about myself, other students or school staff. I understand that if I break any parts of the agreement I will have the Chromebook taken away for one week. I’m looking forward to using my Chromebook.

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  12. Thomas Mance says:

    It important we understand the policy so we know how to protect ourselves from not going onto inapropriate websites and to also not share passwords with anyone.

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