Are you a Nude Food Warrior?

At SMCM, we are a Nude Food School. Nude Food means that we bring our Brainfood, Lunch and Snack in reusable containers rather than using cling wrap, plastic bags or foils. We want to reduce the amount of waste that we produce at our school so that we can help to keep our Earth healthy.

You can find out more about Nude Food on the Nude Food Website!

Do you have any hints or tips that you can share about Nude Food?














11 thoughts on “Are you a Nude Food Warrior?

  1. cpalmisano says:

    Cassy, thank you for your helpful hints! What a great reminder about cutting out the core of fruits and bringing the cut up fruit to school, it really helps reduce waste at SMCM. I wonder what people could do with the core?


    • MANNY & CASSY says:

      Hello Claudia! I actually have an question my self- with our Lunch Orders could we make it more Nude Food like the packaging and wrapping that comes with the lunch orders?
      If you think about it – over the weeks in Australia, that is quite alot of wrappers being used and can only be used once or twice and most are not reusable. Would you agree?

      From Cassy.


      • cpalmisano says:

        Cassy, wow, you are really stretching your mind! What an interesting thought! I have heard that there are reusable lunch order bags in some schools. I wonder if we could do some research and find out their cost and stockists?


      • MANNY & CASSY says:

        Thank you Claudia, I think that sounds like an excellent idea it will help to cut down on rubbish so much if we are able to do it at our school too. Cool!!


  2. MANNY & CASSY says:

    Good work SMCM For being Nude food! Remember to Bring Containers! It’s simple – Grab an fruit or Veg, cut it up, place it in container and it’s ready to eat! Please remember to not bring plastic bags/wrappers, outside during break time. It can fly out of you’re hands or an bin and can fall onto the floor without being picked up and been flown away. Also, if you do have an fruit that big like plum or an apple or something that has skin like oranges, we do recommend at home to take off the skin and put it in a container We are pretty good at bringing nude food to school! It’s like we are little nude food Ninjas!

    From Cassy 👌😀🍎🍓


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