Literacy and Numeracy Week

MacKillop Views celebrated Literacy and Numeracy Week last week with a variety of activities throughout the week. It was fantastic to see the support and engagement from parents and families who were able to come in and participate in the activities with the children.

Rug Up and Read


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  • What is your favourite book to read? Why?

Count and Solve

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  • What is your favourite maths game to play? Why?

Middles Performing ‘Literacy and Numeracy Week’

Here it is!

Middles performing to the Juniors and Seniors πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

Dancing letters of the alphabet to make the words


What was your favourite dance action connected to a letter?

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Week7 Japanese (7しゅうめ γ«γ»γ‚“ご)

Highlighting week 7, students in Middle level have learnt how to say, ‘Do you have —? / Is there —? / Are there —? ‘ in Japanese, through information gap activity. They worked in pair, asking (in Japanese) if their partner had certain body / facial parts in numbered boxes in their sheet. It was also a great learning opportunity to revise how to say body / facial parts in Japanese. Well done, Middles! γ‚ˆγγ§γγΎγ—γŸ!