Learning is Fun in Middle School

It has been a fabulous week in Middle school, with the celebration of our patron saint, Mary MacKillop. Tuesday kicked off with test of our knowledge about Mary MacKillop with a Kahoot activity. Throughout the day, we also took part in fun activities, a sausage sizzle and our annual Mary Mac Talent Show.

Yesterday, students applied their understandings of Location and Number as part of our Middles Amazing Race! Even the wind couldn’t stop us from learning! We finished off the day as programmers and robots in our first coding session.

What has been your most memorable moment this week?

What connections did you make with your learning?

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Mary MacKillop


  • Wear casual clothes and runners and bring gold coin for MM Foundation
  • Feast Day Mass at 10:30am – parents and families most welcome!
  • Sausage Sizzle Lunch provided
  • Mary MacK Talent Show- by kids for kids!


RETURN All about Mary Challenge! tomorrow

  • Write 5 things you know about our Mary MacKillop
  • Colour in or draw a picture

Lots of prizes to win!



  • Home learning can be accessed from the blog under Home Learning / Term 3 2017
  • Home learning is distributed on Tuesdays and collected the following Monday
  • Home learning is expected to be completed weekly
  • If you do not return your book on Monday, then you are expected to bring it the following day
  • If you have any trouble accessing home learning or have questions about the tasks to be completed, see your teacher as soon as possible




We are using our Chromebooks as a learning tool to view multimodal texts which incorporate sound, images and written text. To be able to hear the texts and to be respectful to others, all students are required to use headphones.

  • If you haven’t done so already, please bring in headphones for you to use
  • Don’t forget to clearly label headphones with your name




We’ve all been using extra tissues on these cold and chilly days and our stocks are beginning to run low. Please bring in a box of tissues for your home group to share.

SMCM’s new digital library – TITLEWAVS

Welcome to SMCM’s Audiobooks Library – Titlewavs

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 10.06.22

Titlewavs is a digital library that allows you to listen to chapter books whilst from school or home. Simply click on a title you are interested in, plug in your headphones and enjoy a good story.

Name meaning of Titlewavs

The name Titlewavs contains the words ‘Title’ as in book Title and ‘Wavs’ as in a sound digital sound file format. As you are listening to these titles via a digital sound file, we thought it would be fitting to be named Titlewavs.

Let us know in the comments which titles you think should be added to Titlewavs.

NB: To access Titlewavs, students are to login to Google first using their school account.



Exploring Our Melbourne Museum!

What a day of exploring everywhere and engaging in all the possibilities the exhibition’s at the Melbourne Museum offered us today!!

Here are some of the fantastic highlights:

Head over to our SMCM Twitter page to check out our day in real time and hear from some of the students as they reflected on their connections and thinking!

Also, remember that as part of your ‘Writing’ Home Learning Task this week, you have been asked to further explore the Melbourne Museum Exhibition Website to look closely at the exhibitions that you saw today! Read and explore the links provided and create a short information text about what you have learned about that topic in your Home Learning Book.

We wonder what you got from today…

  • What did you see?

  • What did you hear?

  • What did it make you think?

  • What are you wondering?

  • What might you take further as your personal inquiry investigation?

Preparing for our Museum Excursion

We are very excited about tomorrow’s Year 3/4 Excursion to the Melbourne Museum! The excursion is intended to given us some ideas about what we might like to research in our Inquiry Personal Investigation time.

In our home groups this week, we have prepared for our visit by researching the current exhibitions and selecting two gallery spaces that each of us would like to visit.

I wonder what we will see at the Museum tomorrow?

See you tomorrow at 8.20am, ready for an 8.45am departure!