Furniture Designer visits SMCM

Our Furniture Designers were lucky enough to have a visit from a design professional this week. Aditya from ‘Norva Nival’ shared his knowledge about the process used to design innovative furniture in learning spaces.

We reflected on what we learnt from Adi’s visit:

  • Lucas T: I learnt that a structureless piece of furniture has no hard frame in it.
  • Phoenix: What blew my mind was that when they say they make ‘three bit’ of furniture, they actually mean three thousand.
  • Elle and Rafael: I learnt that they have to make up to 50 prototypes when testing their furniture.
  • Summer and Walter: I will remember that when we design furniture, we need to measure the space.
  • Marco: I learnt that an innovative piece of furniture (like the structureless ottoman – as below) can been used in four different ways.
  • Madison: When we choose furniture, we need to think about what activities we will use it for (its purpose)

The furniture designers are very excited about viewing some furniture that we may use in our new learning space, using Norva Nivel’s catalogue as a resource.

One thought on “Furniture Designer visits SMCM

  1. ETHAN NAZARETH June 28, 2017 / 8:14 am

    I had fun learning about the word prototype.


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