Creating and Making in Expert Groups

Today our expert groups moved into the ‘Create, Make and Problem Solve’ phase of the Design Process. We followed our design brief to present our knowledge about landscapers, builders/architects, furniture designers and interiors designers. We look forward to sharing this learning with everyone next Wednesday, June 28th.

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What did I need to do first?

What did I do if I got stuck?

Who helped me?

Did I need to adapt my ideas, materials or tools?



Disco fun!

It was a great night of dancing and fun with our friends at the disc!! Nigel, the DJ, played our requests and the smoke machine and lights added to the atmosphere. Awesome dancing by everyone!​

​​​​​What was your favourite song? What did you enjoy at the disco? 

True Culture Incursion

Today we were lucky enough to have Ian, Mitch and Ezekiel share lots about the Indigenous culture and guide us through ‘True Culture‘.

We took so much from this experience…

Michael – I learnt that breathing is the key to making different sounds when playing the didgeridoo.

Dean – I realised that the traditional Indigenous dance moves come from movements that animals make.

Kade – Learning about the didgeridoo extended my thinking because I didn’t know that they can be different shapes and make different sounds.

Julia – My thinking was extended when I learnt that termites make the hollow inside the branches used to make didgeridoos and that the branches chosen to make didgeridoos are chosen by knocking on them and listening for the sound that told them it was hollow.

  • What did you connect with? What did you learn?
  • What extended your thinking?
  • What challenged you?

Furniture Designer visits SMCM

Our Furniture Designers were lucky enough to have a visit from a design professional this week. Aditya from ‘Norva Nival’ shared his knowledge about the process used to design innovative furniture in learning spaces.

We reflected on what we learnt from Adi’s visit:

  • Lucas T: I learnt that a structureless piece of furniture has no hard frame in it.
  • Phoenix: What blew my mind was that when they say they make ‘three bit’ of furniture, they actually mean three thousand.
  • Elle and Rafael: I learnt that they have to make up to 50 prototypes when testing their furniture.
  • Summer and Walter: I will remember that when we design furniture, we need to measure the space.
  • Marco: I learnt that an innovative piece of furniture (like the structureless ottoman – as below) can been used in four different ways.
  • Madison: When we choose furniture, we need to think about what activities we will use it for (its purpose)

The furniture designers are very excited about viewing some furniture that we may use in our new learning space, using Norva Nivel’s catalogue as a resource.

Google Sketchup – Learn how to design in 3D

The Architect Building group learnt how to use Google SketchUp today and 3D designed a dog kennel for Clifford. It was their first time using the program so starting with a small outbuilding was important.

Watch the tutorial below if you would like to 3D Design in SketchUp. The app is available on your Chromebooks. Once you learn the basics you can SketchUp to design anything.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 15.00.41

Reflection Questions:

  1. What tools did you discover?
  2. What challenges did you face?
  3. What will you create next?