Friendly Reminders


Online Learning Logs

To support our reporting of learning & teaching each student has an individual Online Learning Log (OLLs). The OLLs provide families and students with regular work samples and teacher feedback.

  • To access your child’s SMCM Online Learning Log you will need to use the Gmail account you have provided the school.
  • Your child’s personal OLL address is their name, followed by smcm and their graduating year then eg.

If you are experiencing difficulties in accessing your child’s OLL, please see their teacher.

Winter is Coming!

With the blast of cold and wet weather in recent days, Mother Nature is reminding us that Winter is fast approaching! The air is more chilly and the grounds are becoming more wet and muddy.

At SMCM, students need to prepare themselves accordingly. Here are some reminders so that we can make the most of our inside and outside time at school.

  • Wear your full winter uniform from Monday 1st May
  • Bring in gumboots to wear for outside play.
    • Remember to label the inside of both gumboots with your name and class images
  • Bring in a box of tissues to share



At times, students will be required to listen to audio for their learning. Headphones ensure that you are able to hear the audio while respecting the learning of others in the learning space.

  • Bring in headphones to be used with Chromebooks
    • Remember to label the headphones with your name and class 129109-L-LO


Looking forward to hearing about your weekend on Monday!


One thought on “Friendly Reminders

  1. Manny May 3, 2017 / 5:00 am

    yep gumboots are good because if you step on the mud your boots dont get dirty 😦 🙂 😀 D:


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