Digital Technology Policy Investigating!!

This week at SMCM, we have been investigating our Digital Technology Policy. We have been learning about the different parts of this policy, unpacked the key words and words we were not sure about. We also discussed what the purpose of this policy is and what are expectations when we are using Digital Technology to help us with our learning.

We will all receive our own Digital Technology Policy that we are going to share with our family tonight. A reminder that once we have read and talked out what it is telling us, we need to tick the boxes and sign to say we understand and agree to comply to it. We need to bring the whole policy (signed and dated) back to school by Friday the 31st of March.

  • Did you learn anything knew about the way we use Digital Technology?
  • Why is it important that we understand our policy?
  • Are there any questions about our policy?
  • Are there any words that you needed to clarify?

Our Changing Earth Expo!

Please join us for our ‘Changing Earth’ celebration of learning!

We have been learning lots about our amazing planet called Earth and would love to share what we have learnt with you! We have been busy preparing our creations as part of our ‘going further’ stage in our inquiry process.

When: Thursday the 30th of March

Time: 3:00pm

Where: MacKillop Views

We Hope to see you there!!


Spring Into Action!

It was great to see SMCM Spring Into Action in a wash of colour today. Staff and students donned flowers on clothing and in their hair, bringing a donation to raise money for Caritas Australia. We have now raised close to $1000 for disadvantaged people across the globe – thank you for your generous contribution to our Caritas Friday!

How have you been able to spring into action this Lent?

SMCM Eggs up for Sale!

Hello Middles students and families,

This week, the Sustainability team have lead the Senior’s Creeds Homegroups in visiting and learning about how our hens helps us be a sustainable school. We discovered that being Sustainable means keeping our earth healthy and making sure that we never run out of earth’s natural resources such as fresh air, clean water, healthy soil, plants and animals. By having our SMCM hens lay eggs, eat our food scraps and create chicken manure, we are helping reduce waste and reuse earth’s resources.

This week, we have decided to sell the eggs that we collected from Laila and Flora in order to raise money for CARITAS Australia. We are going to auction our eggs! CARITAS works with disadvantaged communities and helps them to be sustainable too!

If you would like to make a bid in order to buy our eggs, the Sustainability Team will be taking bids in the Reception Area on Monday 27th March from 3pm. We will write your name on the bidding sheet and the person with the highest bid, gets to buy the eggs for the price they bid!

From the Student Sustainability Team

Home Learning

Thank you for the feedback regarding home learning. It is fantastic to see the dialogue and conversation regarding the home learning tasks continuing at home between you and your families.

For Mathematics this week, we were asked to challenge our thinking about place value by answering worded problems. These problems can be tricky to understand so it becomes important that we break down the question and write down the information that we know so that we can find the solution. For example:

What number has 7 tens, 1 more hundreds than tens and 2 more ones than tens?

We can use our place value columns to help us keep track of the information that we know.

Hundreds Tens Ones
  • After reading the question, we know that there are 7 tens

(What number has 7 tens, 1 more hundreds than tens and 2 more ones than tens?)

Hundreds Tens Ones
  • Let’s look at the next part of the question…

(What number has 7 tens, 1 more hundreds than tens and 2 more ones than tens?)

  • We know there are 7 tens, so 1 more would be 8
  • There are 8 hundreds
Hundreds Tens Ones
8 7
  • Let’s look at the next part of the question…

(What number has 7 tens, 1 more hundreds than tens and 2 more ones than tens?)

  • We know there are 7 tens, so 2 more would be 9
  • There are 9 ones
Hundreds Tens Ones
8 7  9
  • My number is 879


To celebrate South American culture and to include others, the Canola Homegroup made Guacamole to share. This recipe of Guacamole was very popular and can be eaten as a dip with corn chips, carrot or celery sticks. We used a fork to mash the avocado and added the chopped ingredients.

4 – 5 Avocados
juice of 1 lime
1 bunch of coriander chopped
1 onion chopped
2  tomatoes chopped
pinch of salt a pepper
1 teaspoon of oil
When ready, taste and add more ingredients if required. You might need to play a bit with the amount of lime and salt to get a nice flavour so it is not too salty or sour. If your tastebuds are feeling adventurous, you might like to add a bit of chilli.
  • What is the message of the video?
  • Where would you set up your table to include others?
  • Who would you like to invite to your meal?
  • What meal would you like to make to share?

Harmony Day

On Tuesday, the students at SMCM took the opportunity to celebrate our cultural diversity by wearing traditional cultural dress and a touch of orange. We showed each other that we accept our differences and that we belong by completing a range of activities.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Tell us about your family’s background
  • Why is it important to include others?
  • How do you include others and make them feel like they belong?