Learning Continues

What an exciting day it has been for Middle School. It was business as usual at Mackillop Views. We had a busy morning in our specialist classes and also made pancakes. It has been wonderful to see the ‘F’ in our FARM code throughout this term. We have become true leaders in showing our community just how flexible we really are. It doesn’t matter what space we are in, learning is always happening. Well done everyone!

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  • What was the best part of today?
  • What did you learn about Shrove Tuesday?



Welcome to MacKillop Views!

We are very excited about moving into our fantastic new building! It was all hands on deck at 3.30pm this afternoon. MacKillop Views North and South were transformed into amazing new learning spaces. Thank you to all who helped with the big move. We look forward to sharing and continuing our learning journey.

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Week 3 & 4 Japanese

Dear students in Middle
This is our first Japanese blog post this year!

Highlighting week 3 & 4, students in Middles have learnt how to read some words in Japanese. They practised how to read these words by using Japanese letter charts and identifying the sound that each letter makes. It was great to see them having a go at independently working out how to read Japanese letters! I wonder what new words you learnt. I’m looking forward to hearing you use it in our next learning time! Quiz: what does this sentence say? のり で はります。By Yumi Sensei


Our Changing Earth Incursion

Today the Middles investigated and explored how nature changes the Earth through  the natural processes of weathering and erosion. They also explored the ‘rock cycle’ and classified samples of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. They observed the effects of chemical weathering through a variety of experiments. What a wonderful way to get us thinking about our inquiry unit.


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  • What did you learn today about our changing Earth?
  • What new wonderings do you now have with this new knowledge?

Welcome to the crop!

Canola, Corn, Barley and Wheat students have made a fantastic start to the school year!

We have been getting to know each other and demonstrating our understanding of the FARM code, in morning gatherings, transitions, learning time, outside play, inside play, at eating time and when communicating with others.

There are many exciting things to look forward to this term, including the completion of the portables, swimming lessons and our middle school incursion, ‘Changing Earth’.