Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO)

Only one more sleep until we venture into Hamer Hall to see Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) perform Bamboozled.

Clink on the image below to find out more.

MSO - Bamboozled

What do you know about Bamboozled?
What instruments are you most likely to see? 

21 thoughts on “Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO)

  1. Yannick says:

    I enjoyed learning about the different parts of the orchestra – the strings, the brass, the wind and the percussion. I could tell the different sections by the different T-shirts. The strings were wearing blue t-shirts. I would like to play the percussion maybe even the cymbals


    • justin says:

      Hi Yannick I really agree that learning the MSO was amazing and I could give you some more information like brass family was red, wood wind family was green and the percussion family was yellow.



  2. Josh says:

    I enjoyed when the MSO played music separately. I was surprised when the person made amazing sounds with the electronic instrument. The different sections of orchestra were brass, wind, strings and percussion. I would like to play drums because they are cool.


  3. Jia says:

    I loved the excursion to MSO!

    For the performance I enjoyed watching the MSO play the instruments together.

    I got surprised by how many performances there were.

    The sections were the brass, string, wind, percussion and woodwork.

    I would want to play the violin because it is quiet and I like quiet.


  4. Ava C says:

    I enjoyed watching the conductor use the baton to keep everyone in time to the music. I was surprised how loud and soft the orchestra could play. The different parts of the orchestra were the strings family, the percussion family, the brass family and the woodwind family. I would most like to play the harp because it plays nice soft music.


  5. Camila says:

    What I enjoyed about the performance was the orchestra played together like a team.I was surprised about a strange instrument that made the sound of aliens coming. The sections of the orchestra was- Blue- string Green- wind instruments Red-brass and Yellow- percussion. I would like to play is the flute because it can play a nice little tune.


    • Aiden C says:

      The instrument that made the unusal sound is called a Theremin it was in the red section which was brass. If you google cats playing the Theremin which I did, you will see some really funny videos.


  6. Madison D says:

    I enjoyed the stories the conductor told us.l was surprised about when we got to sing and dance to bamboozled. The different sections were the strings, percussion, woodwinds, basses and brass.I would like to play the flute because it sounds good.


  7. Daniel LE says:

    When we went to see the MSO I thought there was a little bit of instruments.I liked the bit at the end of the concert and the instrument that make sounds for alien invasions.There are four families of instruments and they are called string family,percussion family,brass family and woodwind family.i would like to play the piano because you can practice trying to use one finger for a challenge.


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