3D Objects

Middle school students were kept busy this week during Maths sessions.  Using only  matchsticks and blu tak  students created 3D objects. 


  • What 3D object did you make?
  • What were the properties of your 3D object? 
  • Where in the environment is your 3D object found?



NAPLAN success


Congratulations to all the Grade 3 and Grade 5 students who participated in NAPLAN over the past 3 days. It was so wonderful to see such perseverance and everyone trying their best. Well done!

MSO excursion

Good evening middle school students and families!

I have put together a short clip about our wonderful Melbourne Symphony Orchestra experience last week.

Can your remember the reason for the different coloured tops the musicians were wearing?

Can you remember which instruments belong to which instrument family?

What was your highlight for the day? I know I had a lot 👍

Enjoy the clip and remember to like the post 😀

Mother’s Day Picnic.

What a wonderful way to end yet another wonderful week! The preparation leading up to the afternoon was filled with lots of making and baking. Thank you to all the mothers, grandmothers and significant others who took some time out from their busy schedules to spend some time with us. We wish you all a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • What makes your mother special?
  • What was your favourite part of the afternoon?


Excursion Day! Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO)

Excursion day has arrived! Today, the Wattles and Waratahs went into the city to watch the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra perform their show, “Meet the Orchestra” and “Bamboozled” at Hamer Hall. We stopped off for lunch at the National Gallery of Victoria before  being taken on a musical journey. We met the different sections of the orchestra through classical music pieces and theme songs. Then, we used our body percussion and vocal skills by joining in to help create the Bamboozled music, along with the other audience members and with the MSO.

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What were the different sections of the orchestra? Did you have a favourite section?

What instrument would you most like to play? Why?