Science – Introducing the ‘Heat at home’ project

In Science this term, the middle years students will explore heat.

As part of this unit students are asked to find things at home that are heat sources and take a photo and post it to the blog or write about their findings on the blog.

Safety note: remember to use safe ways to search for heat sources, including slowly moving a hand towards something and withdrawing before it gets too hot.

Tasks to do:

  1. Brainstorm with family and friends different objects at home that are heat sources and discuss if each one is warm, hot or very hot.
  2. Discuss whether the object is producing heat or was heated by something else.

For example:

  • A hairdryer. The vent area can get hot. It produces its own heat.
  • A globe in a bedside lamp. It can get hot. It produces its own heat.
  • A saucepan on stove. It gets very hot. It is heated by something else (a gas burner).
  1. Students to choose one object that is a heat source and share it with a photo or description of it on the blog.

Thank you! Happy searching!


PS: challenge yourself to try and find something different to what everyone else posts.



School Sport Tops Designer Competition

Until the end of October we will be having a design competition for some school sport uniforms such as basketball,soccer,cross country and footy. tops.

Mum,dad,grandma and grandpa, also staff and students can take part in this design competition.

If you are interested to participate you can receive the template from Yolanda or from Helen in the reception area . They can also be handed back to the front office or to your class teacher.

Competition closes at October 31 and your designs must be related to school colours. So get your designer Mojo and get CREATIVE!


Martial Arts Therapy!

We kicked off the Term 4 with Martial Arts Therapy (MAT) Program with Irena. Today we learnt about MAT’s philosophy which is to BE STRONG, BE CALM, BE KIND and TRY HARD.  We looked at our breathing and focus techniques.

  • What part of MAT Program did you like most?
  • What position are you going to practise this week?
  • What did you find challenging?
  • How did you feel joining in the MAT Program today?


Welcome back to everyone!

As we begin Term 4, we are reminded:

  • We are required to wear full Summer uniform
  • We are a SunSmart school so all students are required to be safe in the sun. This includes wearing hats outside and applying sunscreen
  • In our learning we will be reading and viewing texts online. All students are required to have headphones
  • We will be participating in the Martial Arts Therapy program on Mondays throughout Term 4. Students will be required to wear sports uniforms on Mondays
  • Camp Narmbool is fast approaching. We require parent helpers to attend. If you are available to attend Camp with your child, please contact your child’s teacherHeadphonesHatsunscreen

Literacy and Numeracy Week

MacKillop Views celebrated Literacy and Numeracy Week last week with a variety of activities throughout the week. It was fantastic to see the support and engagement from parents and families who were able to come in and participate in the activities with the children.

Rug Up and Read


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  • What is your favourite book to read? Why?

Count and Solve

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  • What is your favourite maths game to play? Why?

Week7 Japanese (7しゅうめ にほんご)

Highlighting week 7, students in Middle level have learnt how to say, ‘Do you have —? / Is there —? / Are there —? ‘ in Japanese, through information gap activity. They worked in pair, asking (in Japanese) if their partner had certain body / facial parts in numbered boxes in their sheet. It was also a great learning opportunity to revise how to say body / facial parts in Japanese. Well done, Middles! よくできました!