PE with Joe Wicks!

Dear Families,

Are you looking for ways to engage your children in physical activity every day?

Megan-Dredge-Holiday-Tip-Move-Your-BodyJoe Wicks-ย  UK’s ‘Body Coach’ is uploading 30 minute workouts, in light of our world’s current situation, for children who are in isolation or on school holidays! Join in with the family fun as well.

He is energetic, easy to follow and a great resource to help your children move! Access his daily videos (Monday- Friday) by typing in:

PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube.

I would suggest to find an area in the house that is spacious and free from trip hazards.

Happy moving ๐Ÿ™‚

Celebrating Term 1 in Year 4!

Congratulations Year 4! What a successful term we have had all together. Your enthusiasm, dedication and motivation has shown us what great learners you are.

As we transition into our school holidays, in a different way that we normally would, what are you looking forward to? Is it spending quality time with your family, giving your full attention to your brother or sister during a fun activity or setting some time aside to complete a mindful activity?

What was your favourite learning experience and why?
Which learning activity did you feel you were most successful at?Why?
Which learning activity did you find challenging? Why?
What was something new you discovered this term?

Thank you for making each day unique, enjoyable and entertaining! We are all so lucky to be learning in such a wonderful and vibrant community at SMCM. #gratitude

We wish you and your families a restful, safe and happy holidays. May you be guided by the Lord through our celebration of Easter.

From Louise, Gabby, Rose, Sarah and Simone

Holy Week

This term we have explored scripture stories to help strengthen our understanding of the events of Holy Week and Easter. Through these stories we have identified the colours, symbols, events, actions and practices of these significant events in our Catholic tradition. We also created artworks to share and reflect on our own understandings.

To continue this learning at home you may wish to take a walk through Holy Week using the slides below.


What was your favourite โ€˜partโ€™ of the story?

What did you:

See? Think? Feel? Wonder? 

What does this mean for us today?

What do you think was the most important part of these Holy Week stories?

This year Palm Sunday begins on Sunday the 5th of April, 2020. It is on this day that we remember when Jesus entered Jerusalem. It also marks the start of Holy Week. During this week, you and your family you may also wish to take part in a Holy Week Liturgy as a way to remember and strengthen your relationship with God and Jesus.

How are we called to grow closer to God during Lent?

What do you and your family do commemorate these events?

How is the Easter story, a story of hope?

CLIL: Bijustu (Art)

CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning

Over the past couple of weeks in CLIL, Year 4 have been inspired by the work of the famous ‘Pop Art’ artist, Andy Warhol. His work focused on the crossover between celebrity, advertising and artistic expression.

Andy Warhol used complimentary colours to make each colour stand out in his work. Complimentary colours are also called ‘opposite’ colours’. When these colours are placed next to each other, they create a stronger contrast.

Year 4 have looked at samui iro (cool colours) and atatakai iro (warm colours). We have traced over the 2020 Olympic mascots Miraitowa and Someity, then we chose complimentary colours to finish out piece of work.

“I learnt about the different types of colours (cool and warm) in Japanese. This activity was interesting because it was new to me and I enjoyed it a lot!”- Maxwell- Miraitowa Homegroup

Take a look at our amazing artistic skills!

– What did you learn about the artist Andy Warhol?
– Where would you find his artwork?
– Have you seen his artwork before?
-How do you say ‘cool colours’ and ‘warm colours’ in Japanese?

Swimming Fun!

This term we have been extending our swimming skills during our weekly sessions! Each week we have challenged ourselves to try something new and have a go.

What have you enjoyed about our swimming sessions?

As we enter our last couple of weeks of our swimming program, what goals have you set yourself?

Reminder: Our next session will be on Friday 13 March and itโ€™s Safety Week! Please bring an extra T-shirt and pair of shorts to participate in this water safety session.

School Photos: Monday

Dear Families,

Just a reminder that there is NO SWIMMING on Monday 2nd March, due to school photos taking place. A make-up day is scheduled for Wednesday 25th March.

Students are reminded to wear full Summer Uniform:

    • School colour hair accessories (black, white, teal/blue)
    • Tie long hair up
    • Black shoes
    • White /Grey socks

Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 09.39.47



Year 4 Team